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Photo Credit: Eric Sanford, Salmon Creek Snowmobile Club

NY Snowmobile Trail Conditions

Available new for the 2016/2017 season, you can now display six types of trail conditions within our free interactive map. See how the snow is on Tug Hill, how many riders are out, how smooth the trails are, what is open or closed.

You can display the trail conditions maps along with your GPS blue dot location in our no-reception-needed trail app, as a $1.99 in-app purchase for the 2017/18 season.

All information is included statewide for trail conditions. Please keep in mind that club reporting is a volunteer effort. Offer to help if your club is not actively reporting.

  1. CLUBS are asked to report trails as open (green), open with caution (yellow), or closed (red). Comments for specific trail segments can be noted as well. Trails for clubs not reporting will show as “no data” (gray).
  2. GPS GROOMER TRACKING data will be available for a handful of clubs, primarily in the Tug Hill region. Display of this data will be time-delayed (Trails need time to set after grooming).
  3. CROWD-SOURCED RIDER data from our free, statewide trail app. See at a glance where “the party” is happening or find the less-traveled trails. This data is collected anonymously. See the teaser video below from some January 2016 rider data.
  4. CROWD-SOURCED SENSOR data, also collected anonymously. For those seeking some bump action, you’ll find it here in our online map. And if you’re wanting a smooth ride, you’ll see that as well.
  5. WEB CAM feeds, map icons located where the cams are positioned.
  6. CLUB FACEBOOK/WEBSITE LINKS,shown as snowflake icon, for additional club reported trail information.
  7. DAILY SNOWDEPTH MAP, updated daily but always one day behind due to data availability.

Don’t forget to check the Trail Conditions snowflake display trail reports map icon that links to clubs’ trail condition website pages, Facebook pages and trail cams, and our Web Cam web cam map icon map display as well.