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St Lawrence County Getaway Guide

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funad funad’s St Lawrence County is an experience to treasure!

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By Deb Christy, President
St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association

St. Lawrence County boasts over 700 miles of meticulously groomed trails and some of the best riding in New York State. And talk about connections! The east end of the county trail system connects to Franklin County, the Akwesasne Casino, and Canada. The west end of the county connects to Lewis County and Tug Hill, while the southern end of the county connects to Hamilton County and Old Forge. There is no such thing as “you can’t get there from here” in St. Lawrence County.

Situated at the top of the state, the county shares a 75 mile border with Canada along the mighty St. Lawrence River, the two countries connected by two major international bridges. There is also another option crossing the border at Dundee Quebec by land right into Ft Covington in Franklin County and follow our C7E trail into the beautiful Brasher State Forest for a day of riding thru scenic forest lands and end your day with an overnight at the Akwesasne Casino which is right on the trail system. If an overnight is not in your plans the casino will gladly check your snowmobile suit and helmets while you are there.

St Lawrence Winter

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Heading south from the river valley, through open farm fields, rolling hills and snow-covered pines, you climb into the pristine Adirondack Mountain wilderness. No county has more to offer in terrain, scenery or destinations than St. Lawrence.

Main Adirondack corridors connect to both the north and southeast corners of the county. You do not want to miss southern St Lawrence County nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks. The four C’s Main Adirondack corridors connect to both the north and southeast corners of the county. You do not want to miss southern St Lawrence County nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks. The four C’s Cranberry, Clare, Colton and Childwold are at the heart of the County's trail system and some of the most spectacular trails and scenery. The riders will experience easy passage on our corridor trails of wide logging roads. These trails are crisscrossed by numerous secondary trails meandering thru scenic wooded areas. Don’t miss our most sensational vista from Little Blue Mountain shown on our trail map. From here you can see the panoramic mountain view of Big Tupper and Whiteface. Plan your winter getaway, from the banks of the St. Lawrence River to the Foothills of the Adirondacks.

Area Clubs

St Lawrence Volunteers
“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time... but they have the heart”

Trails are groomed and maintained by the association and ten very dedicated snowmobile clubs across the county, under the umbrella of the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association. These volunteers operate the Association’s two million dollar inventory of 17 Large Groomer’s, giving countless hours to the winter sport they all love, and take pride in providing safe and enjoyable trails for the entire family. St Lawrence County is the largest county in the state. We divide our county into grooming areas, to cover a total of 710 miles.

St Lawrence Groomers

Trail Conditions/Weather Regions

We added a trail conditions page to our website dividing the county into three weather regions. Groomers add an update to the website each time they groom and it automatically posts to face book to let riders know what trail conditions are for our Adirondack Seaway Trails!

St Lawrence Trail Conditions

Seaway Valley

Dairyland Snowmobile Club grooms from the Jefferson County thru Hammond, Black Lake, and Morristown. Punchlock Travelers groom from Ogdensburg thru Heuvelton and Rensselear Falls to Dekalb. Grasse River Groomers maintain trails in Morley, Madrid and Waddington.

Adirondack Foothills

Edwards Snowmobile Club grooms from Pitcairn in Lewis County thru Edwards to Clare. Hermon Sledders groom from Hermon to Edwards and Russell. Tritown Trail Blazers groom from Massena thru Helena and Brasher State Forest. SLCSA takes over in Brasher Forest and grooms thru Stockholm and Hopkinton to Parishville with a second groomer leaving Parishville to Franklin County Line.

Adirondack Park

Colton Snoskippers groom the Parishville to Colton area. SLCSA grooms from Clare to South Colton to Degrasse & a second machine grooms from Degrasse to Newton Falls, to Cranberry. Cranberry Mountaineers groom Star Lake, Wanakena and Cranberry Area. Childwold Sno-packers groom Sevey’s Corners to Piercefield to Franklin & Hamilton Counties.

St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association offers a free paper map of our county trail system and shows connecting trails from Canada as well as surrounding counties of Franklin, Lewis and Hamilton. Use your map to plan your ride ahead and navigate the trail system. Trails change each year ever so slightly, so please keep your map up to date so you don’t ride on a trail that has been closed by a landowner. As always, if you don’t see a sign don’t just follow tracks, tracks are not a trail.

Maps are offered at area businesses and the St Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce website: will mail you a free trail map.

The County Snowmobile Association's Trail Map marks all parking areas, gas, food, and lodging along the routes. Access points to the trails are often found at these establishments. What the map won’t show is the warmth and hospitality along St. Lawrence County trails. This is definitely Small Town, USA and you’re never a stranger – you’re a SNOWMOBILER! In these parts, that counts for a lot. Everywhere you go you’re offered companionship, insider trail tips, good fun and great service.

For more information about snowmobiling in St Lawrence County contact the St Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce 101 Main St #1 Canton, NY 13617. Phone 315-386-4000. Also view our county chamber website and the St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association and area clubs website at .

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LEARN HOW-TO find club trails, trail ID’s, trail conditions, webcams, parking, club houses, businesses (where to stop), snowfall, intersections, PLAN routes, SAVE routes (to your own private account, or to make public), PRINT ROUTES, import routes to your free no-reception-needed “Snowmobiling NY” trail app on your smartphone, and more! How-To Videos also available.

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