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Photo Credit: Turin Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club

NY Snowmobile Route Planner

Our route planner works much like Google Maps, making it very easy to plan a route somewhere new.

Just click your starting point and your ending destination on the map, we will show you the shortest route to get there on the trails. If you would prefer to go a different way, just drag a trail segment to a new location.

When done, save your route.

You can

  1. Transfer your route to the free phone app, then follow it.
  2. Transfer your route ro your GPS receiver, then follow it.
  3. Make your route public (vintage ride, club ride, etc.) so others can use it too!
  4. E-mail the route to a riding buddy.
  5. Display and use public routes that other riders have created.

Get started creating routes in the web map. It's free, it's easy.

Helpful how-to-videos available.