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Our no-reception needed Snowmobiling New York app is now FREE
All app features described in detail, including new 2017/18 options.
Know where to go. Never get lost. With tracking, waypoints, turn-by-turn navigation. Food/Gas stops.
Download now.

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If you already have the 2016/17 app, it automatically updates. No need to download app again.
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Our statewide, no-reception-needed trail app is available for iPhones and Android phones and can now be downloaded for Free.

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Be sure to download the app over wi-fi. If you currently have last year's app, it will update automatically to this year's version, with latest trails and new features. If you have an app older than 2015 (the year will show in the app icon or the app name), please remove this app from your phone. Download the current version – it is FREE and statewide.

We are reworking the app for the 2017/18 season. The free version of the app will include all this data and these features:
* Works without cell reception – all data loads on your phone
* Statewide corridor and secondary trails, including Old Forge/Inlet permitted system
* Local club trails where provided
* Trail junctions and Parking
* Trail and junction labels
* Places to stop for food, gas, lodging, dealers, and so on
* Locations of Covered Bridges
* Club Events
* Your GPS blue dot location (satellite based)
* Compass to center on your location
* All Settings: Street/Satellite map, Keep map centered, Breadcrumb tracking distance, and so on
* Load Routes from Web Map
* Weather Radar display (requires reception)
* Help
* Map legend

For $1.99 in-app purchases, you can add these options. Create the custom app that fits your riding style!
* Waypoints and Breadcrumb Tracking
* Turn-by-turn Navigation (We’ve relaxed the close-to-trail distance for 2017/18, thanks for your feedback)
* Route Planning (new for 2017/18)
* A Multitude of Trail Conditions, with your GPS blue dot location (location new for 2017/18)
* And one more new feature, to be unveiled at the 2017 Big East Power Sports Show

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Your app really saved my wife and I this weekend. We were out sledding early on Saturday in Delaware County. The wind was really howling and, in the open field, all the tracks were getting covered by blowing snow. The trails were not well marked and the drifts were getting challenging to manage, especially for my wife and I with this only being our second year of sledding. We turned back and this unfamiliar trail became even more challenging. Every open field we came to the tracks were indistinguishable. The breadcrumb tracking allowed me to see when I was coming off course. It saved us about four times during our journey. We got back to our cabin just as white out conditions hit. Thank you again for this tool. Was a lifesaver on Saturday. It is also giving us the confidence to go places we would have hesitated going a year ago." -Keith G, northern NJ