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Photo Credit: Dustin Brisky, Franklinville Snowmobile Club

NY Snowmobile Trail GPX Track Files

Delorme GPS Screenshot for GPX track files

All brands of recreation grade GPS receivers (Garmin, Magellan, Delorme, and Trail Tech Voyager) can display your favorite clubs’ trails as tracks and places to stop, intersections and parking as waypoints.

The specs for your particular model will indicate the number of tracks your unit can display at one time. This will range from a low of 10 to a high of 200 tracks.

We now offer regional .gpx track files - or get the whole state at a volume discount. Map here to help choose regions.

If you are unsure if your receiver can accept tracks or waypoints, please email your make and model number to us for verification.

Our regional files all have under 200 tracks. Most Garmin GPS receivers can accept 10,20, or 200 tracks. Depending on your unit, you may need to choose which tracks to include in your receiver for each outing. This is explained in the free user guide.

Email if you have any questions.

Online Store

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Because you are downloading one or more files to your computer upon purchasing, we cannot offer refunds.

Be sure to try the free sample overlay map or the free tracks and waypoints on your GPS receiver before purchasing.

All purchases are done through PayPal. You may need a PayPal account to use your credit card, PayPal has made some changes recently. If this is an issue for you, we will accept checks instead.

How To Download Your Files

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Once received, log back in to your account within the Online Store and click on Downloads within the My Orders section of your account. You will have one or more files to download, depending on your purchase(s). Be sure to save each file to a folder on your hard drive.
guide video Please watch our How-To video demonstrating the download process.