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Photo Credit: Ernie Fraser

Franklin County Region Getaway Guide

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By David Knapp, Franklin Snowmobilers, Inc.

Franklin County is one of the northernmost counties in New York state and adjoins Clinton County to the east as well as St. Lawrence County to the west and south, making a number of extended snowmobile trips possible throughout the region.

Corridor trail C7, which originates south of Remsen and travels through the Old Forge region, Big Moose Station, Stillwater Reservoir/Norridgewolk, Sabattis, and Childwold, gives riders access to Tupper Lake via the southern border of Franklin County. Along the way, scenic vistas of lakes, forests, and mountains abound. Beyond Tupper Lake, C7 continues north all the way to Constable near the Canadian border.

Franklin C7 trail

Trail C8 turns off C7 and heads west to St. Lawrence. C8A turns off of C7 and goes east toward Clinton County and eventually, via C8C, brings riders back onto C7 in the north in Malone.

In Lake Clear, which is just north of Tupper Lake, trail C7B takes riders through Saranac Lake and on to Lake Placid. While food and gas are available in both of these villages, they are not as accessible by snowmobile as they are in Tupper Lake and Old Forge.

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With adequate snow conditions, the NYS Snowmobile Trail System, which has over 200 miles of funded trail within Franklin County, provides a number of day-length and multi-day loops that can cover more than 200 miles if the riders are up for it! Trails travel through Wild Forest lands, over recreation and travel corridor easements on privately managed lands, and along the historic D&H and Adirondack Railroad beds, all of which are primarily within the Adirondacks. The trails also utilize private woodlands and farmlands to the west.

Note that from Remsen, through Lake Clear and on to Lake Placid, the C7 and C7B trails travel over existing railroad and there are hazards that come with the rails, ties, switches, etc.

Conditions can change quickly along these route and riders should use caution.

Franklin Trail
P-2s Irish Pub

Franklin County Snowmobile Clubs

Adirondack Snowdrifters, PO Box 435, Malone, NY
12953 Ph: 518-483-6498

Can/Am Border Riders, PO Box 343, Fort
Covington, NY 12914 Ph: 518-358-2706

Moira Trail Breakers, PO Box 615, Brushton, NY
12916 Ph: 518-529-0087

Friendly Snowmobile Club, 16962 Stare Route 30,
Constable, NY 12926 Ph: 518-483-4507

Franklin Snowmobilers, Inc., PO Box 10, Lake
Clear, NY 12914 Ph: 518-483-2243

Tupper Lake Snowmobile Club, 58 Main St.,
Tupper Lake, NY 12986 ,

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Parking Locations

  • Tupper Lake: Parking is available on Washington Street, just off Route 3 in “The Junction.” From here there’s access to Trail C7, food, and fuel.
  • Lake Clear: Parking is available at Charlie’s Inn on Route 30. Accommodations, food, and fuel are available. There is also access available to Trail C7 and C7B.
  • Loon Lake: Roadside parking is available at the intersection of Trail S85B and county Route 26/Goldsmith Road. This provides trail access to those traveling Route 3 from Plattsburgh.
  • Meacham Lake: Parking is available in a lot along Route 30 in Meacham Lake. It provides access to Trail C8.
  • Mountain View: Parking is available at The Trailside Bar & Restaurant. Access is available to Trail C7, food, and fuel.
Franklin Snowmobilers, Inc. groomer
Franklin Snowmobilers, Inc. groomer
Party at Belly’s Mountain View Inn
Party at Belly’s Mountain View Inn

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