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Photo Credit: Tina Bartucca, Williamson Driftriders

Delaware County Getaway Guide

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Delaware County Tourism Delaware County Tourism’s Delaware County is an experience to treasure!

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Written by Ray Pucci , President
Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

Delaware County, located in the western Catskill Mountains and along New York’s southern tier , boasts over 350 miles of snowmobile trails across varied terrains. Snowmobilers enjoy the well - groomed and uncrowded trails, an abundance of places to meet, easy access, and the spectacularly beautiful views around every bend in the trail.

Catskil Mountain
Photo by Victoria LaFever, Central Catskill Trail Association

Our trails will take your through century-old covered bridges, along rivers and streams, past active dairy farms and farmlands, and into our warm and welcoming villages. Local snowmobiling clubs take great pride in maintaining our network of trails and are always happy to introduce visitors to our neighborhood.

Off the trails, you’ll find a variety of sled-friendly choices for lodging, including motels, bed and breakf asts, vacation rentals, and country inns. Enjoy thoughtfully-prepared meals — often with local produce — at area restaurants and cafes.

Shopping offers a new discovery as designers and crafters are curating collections of locally made and sourced goods in Delaware County’s antique farmhouses, vintage general stores, and Main Street’s storefronts.

Eight volunteer snowmobile clubs work year-round to ensure safe and enjoyable winter fun for families. Trail clearing and bridge building during the summer months leads to trail marking in the fall — all in anticipation of the return of snow.

Club members believe that their trails are challenging compared to many trails in New York State. “It’s almost like we’re a double diamond and they are green trails,” said one club official. “We are up and down mountains.”

Rider in FieldPhoto by Joe Farrell

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The Central Catskills Trail Association is based in Andes. The Delaware Otsego Chenango Snowriders are located in Sidney and maintain about 30 miles of trails in western Delaware County. The Maywood Snowdrifters, located in nearby Sidney Center, maintain more than 50 miles of trail. D&D Snowdiggers in Deposit maintain trails in south-western Delaware County. The Hamden Ridge Riders, located in central Delaware County, maintain over 70 miles of trails, including along the Hamden Covered Bridge. The O-T-GO Snow-Goers operate in western Delaware County. Big Valley Trail Breakers are active in eastern Delaware County. The Delaware Valley Ridge Riders, based in Downsville, maintain over 50 miles of trails, including the trails on NYSDEC-operated Bear Spring Mountain.

A key element of Delaware County’s extensive trail network is the participation and support of landowners. Local clubs create arrangements with landowners, discuss the location of trails, and create the routes through the properties. This local support not only creates the network, but adds to the strong support for snowmobiling in the county.

Passion for the sport keeps snowmobiling popular in Delaware County. “I like just getting out in the woods and seeing the landscape covered in snow” said one member. “You wouldn’t get there otherwise. It’s just beautiful.” Another commented, “The love of the sport keeps me going — family and friends together.”

McGoldrick State Forest
McGoldrick State Forest Access Road, by Jim Thomas

Covered Bridge Challenge decal

Enter to win the 2nd Annual
Covered Bridge Challenge!

Covered Bridge Challenge bridge Once again, riders are challenged to brave the elements and either ride or trailer to five Covered Bridges found on two routes spanning the eastern and western sides of New York State! The first stop on the Eastern route is located in Delaware County, in the town of Hamden! Receive your 2016-7 Winner's Decal by riding across each of the 5 bridges on either route, posting a selfie of you, your sled and the bridge you have just crossed! (No need to RIDE the whole route!)

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