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Photo Credit: Aaron Burnem, Weedsport Winter Wanderers

Covered Bridge Challenge Bridges

NY Covered Bridges

The incredible winter of 2014/15 inspired us to create the 1st Annual Covered Bridge Challenge for the 2015/16 season. It was possible in 2014/15 to ride across the entire state, on the trails, on snow! Imagine that!

This year, we have even included a "Wildcard" location, which you can use to customize your experience.

We encourage you to include one or more covered bridges in your next ride. Linger longer at each location and take in some that area’s great lodging, dining and area attractions. Fun facts about each bridge here on our Facebook page.

And although we are no longer running an annual challenge (thank Mother Nature for that), we have kept the 2016/17 season challenge routes here for you. Use the web map to create your own covered bridge route!

Linger Longer at Each Location!

Find great lodging, dining and area attractions,
and lots of fun facts about each bridge

Western Branch
  • 1 - Cuba Driftbusters' Bridge
  • 2 - Lodge at Hidden Valley
  • 3 - Culvert Road Tunnel
  • 4 - Model Railroad Bridge
  • 5 - Ellery Sno Cruisers Bridge
  • Wildcard - The "Kelly" Bridge
Eastern Branch
  • 1 - Hamden Hill Bridge
  • 2 - Deerfield/Hajdasz Bridge
  • 3 - Lost Trail/Boonville
  • 4 - Oswego/Square Valley
  • 5 - Van Camp Bridge
  • Wildcard - Old Forge/Webb Bridge