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Photo Credit: Tina Bartucca, Williamson Driftriders

From One Extreme... To The Next

Photo for From One Extreme... To The Next
As we begin to say goodbye to the snow, and work our way into "snirt" and mud... we must consciously think about the dreadful moment of putting our sleds into hibernation until next season.

The painstaking thought process of cleaning our babies in every imaginable nook and cranny, getting her hoisted up to check her undercarriage and make sure she's dry and clean... makes for a tedious but necessary time. But not only does it help to maintain the body's image and the way it runs the next season, but the value of the snowmobile will be maintained as well. The steps into preparing your sled for the off-season are as follows... 

1. Clean it like crazy! 
Find every little nook and cranny and "fine-tooth-comb" it with the right tools and quality cleaning products to make sure there is no dirt, grime, or sludge within the sled's parts. Anything left over can cause serious damage to the mechanics of the sled come next season. Rust and corrosion can ruin the value of the sled, the look of your snowmobile, and will ultimately shorten the lifespan of your baby. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it as well. 

2. Remove the Battery
Disconnect the starting battery and pull it out. Wipe it clean and be sure to clean the connections with a mixture of water and baking soda. Dry the battery off and put it up somewhere where it’s protected from humidity. Never store batteries on the ground, and keep it out of reach of children. This step assures the battery does not drain and saves you time when that first snowfall hits and you’re super stoked about gripping the throttle and beating the trails that first day.

3. Cover that baby!
If you're storing her outside, make sure to put her up on blocks or on a lift of some sort covering the bottom as well as the top with a heavy-duty, waterproof tarp or element resistant cover. If it is getting stored indoors, be sure to throw over a sheet or tarp to keep dust off and prevent premature corrosion. Also, if the floor is one of a dirt nature, be sure to prop it up on blocks or a lift to keep moisture from getting in. 

4. Add Fuel Stabilizer
Fuel stabilizer keeps the fuel fresh and clean. Fuel deteriorates quickly if it isn’t burned, leading to a failure to start or more severe problems like engine damage. Treating the fuel before storing means you don’t have to drain the tank and is less work in the future season.

By taking these steps now, your snowmobile is sure to be in great shape for when that awesome first storm hits and everyone is all like BRAAAAP and you're like YEAH LET'S GO!! Haha... 

But just think... As soon as you get her put away, you can start thinking about getting out the hog, or the dirtbike, or the 4-wheeler, or even the side-by-side ATV's!! Which are truly an awesome experience if you get the chance to ride in one. Remember being a Hot Wheels fan as a kid, well it's a Hot Wheels kind of happiness and excitement for a big boy (or gal)! So even though it's a sad moment putting one kid to bed, the other is in the corner just waiting to be pulled out and sped through the mud and raced down the terrain! He's like a little kid at Christmas... just full of giddiness and joy screaming "I LOVE DIRT & MUD!!" ;)  

So as I type this blog it is with a semi-saddened heart as it is the last of the season. But I will hopefully be back next season to keep all of you readers on your toes and continually kept up with the latest news or trends of what's to come. Keep checking the site for our updates with next season's app and new features! You don't want to miss out on being a part of it all, so give Linda your input by going back to the home page and completing the quick new feature survey for the web map, apps and GPS maps. 

And as always... 

Until next season... 

... aaaand that's a braaaap! 

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