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Photo Credit: Joanne Peters, SHASTA

Be Sure to Braaaap Up!

Photo for Be Sure to Braaaap Up!
With the temperatures reaching record lows, many of us can't even fathom walking outside to shovel let alone go riding in the windchill that causes your eyeballs to freeze. It's a sad day when you realize it's too cold to even go riding. 

With the fear that one could get stranded on a trail in the middle of nowhere, miles from help... it isn't the best idea to brave the elements when the mercury is even hiding from thermometer. Seeing the negative numbers on the screen gives me the chills even when I'm indoors and under a warm and toasty blanket. 

But nowadays we have so much gear that can save us from the bitterness that pierces our nostrils and takes our breath away. Consider one of my favorite accessories... hand and feet warmers! Those little packs of warmth are perfect for tucking inside boots and gloves. Bring extra packs just in case! Some would consider this next option to be pointless and a waste of money, but others would say in -30 degree temps or freezing rain a heated helmet shield is essential. Unless you have a modular helmet with the breathable air flow vent... then you might be okay. I, for one, have never used the heated shield but wouldn't be opposed to trying it if I had to. 

Another necessity for riding in frigid temps are flares. Flares have a couple different uses. If there is an emergency, of course they can be used to flag down emergency crews and help. They can also be used to start a fire if you are in dire need of warmth and are stranded. Check out this video on YouTube ( to get a couple tips on starting a fire even with wet wood and various articles of nature to burn. If you decide to go riding alone (which is a terrible idea all together anyways), be sure to pack a few flares in your stow-away compartment or in a backpack along with other emergency kit essentials. A flashlight, matches or a lighter, cell phone or GPS, paper map in case technology fails or you accidentally drop one in a body of water (lesson learned...haha), snacks, bottled water, and some would even say to find a blanket that can be rolled up small enough to fit as well. Oh and another lesson learned... extra warm socks. ;) 

Of course not all sleds can fit every one of these items. You will have to make sure you're prepared though, so pack light but pack smart! 

As I've been watching the weather, it does look like we are moving out of the tundra temps and getting a heat wave in our area. Looks like we'll have a bit warmer weather this weekend to slap on the sledding suits, saddle up on the snowmobiles, and soar across the snow! But if you're still not ready to go out... stay in and try my fun Snowmo-XWord Puzzle!! 

Submit your completed puzzle by March 5th to We'll draw one as a winner for a FREE phone app or GPS map!  We'll post the answers on March 6th on our Facebook page! We'll leave the puzzle up on our website for anyone who wants to print it out and just do it for fun afterwards. Try and stump your riding buddies! Use it as a trivia game at your next club meeting! ENJOY! 

And until next time... 

... aaand that's a braaaap!! :) 

Here's a link to get to the puzzle!!

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