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"Duuuude! That was SICK!"

Photo for "Duuuude! That was SICK!"
I heard a guy say something the other day that had me laughing until my gut hurt... It was a snowmobile joke that I cannot blog because of its extreme nature. ;) 

But in this joke he used some freakishly "strange to me" terms... 

In the snowmobile realm... there are many words and sayings that make us sound like the "cooler", more clothed version of a die hard, long-haired hippie surfer. 

Slang, a different way to say a word or phrase. I have heard and witnessed many using the lingo that either you have to turn your head sideways like a dog not understanding a command... or drop an eyebrow in confusion of what was just said. Let's start with some easy slang terms that most of my readers will get.

Snow-Scooter or Snow-Buggy: Another word for snowmobile

Sled-heads: Snowmobiler
(or in our neck of the woods... SledFreaks!) ;) 
Ditch Banger: Crazy... "I want to fly" SledFreak
Concrete Cowboy: Also a 'biler (another slang, for a slang!) 

‘Biling: Duh.

Boondocking: Ripping through fresh powder in uncharted territory (off-trail)! (But if you look at Urban Dictionary... the term is defined in a much different, more "vivid" tone.) Haha

Snirt: Snow/dirt combo

Flying W: When the sled stops as if it hit a buried stump and you fly over the bars. Your arms and head resemble a “W”... This is not a fun part of the sport!

Ghost rider: When the sled continues, and you fall off the back... Also no fun! 

Hoopdy-doos: Moguls... Snow mounds.

Yard-Sale: When a bad crash leaves broken parts all over the place. 

Braaaap: If you need to know this, you probably shouldn't be on this site. 

Just to name a few... 

As I wrote about before, there are certain slang names for specific brands. Yamahahaha (said while holding stomach, bent over, slapping knee), Grandmaha, ArticCrap, Ditch Pickle, Ski-Don't, Skidoodoo, Poolaris, Pohilarious, Mustard Bucket... I could go on. 

The fine language ... brought to you by the freaks of our sport! Always "killing it" and "making rips". So stay classy sled-heads... Report back with any new lingo and give us the deets on what you mean. 

In other news, I took a trip recently with my Pops to Hudon's Sled Salvage in Barneveld, NY to retrieve a specific shield for his older Polaris. If you haven't been to this sick joint, you must go or at least visit the website! Shelves upon shelves of virtually any parts and accessories for vintage sleds to newer models, inventory is CRAY! From attic to basement, back warehouse to sled inventory lined up outside... You name it, they've probably got it. Staff was totally helpful and knowledgeable. We left with the wrong shield at first (honest mistake), but upon the second trip a fantastic employee made sure we left with the right one. Just sayin'! 

Until next time...

... aaaand that's a braaaap! ;)

Check 'em out at! 

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