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Happy New Year!!

Photo for Happy New Year!!

Its been a long road since last winter, but we've finally got some wintry, white stuff on the ground! It's not looking good for some of the areas in New York... but we are getting somewhere. 

Here in the Herkimer County region we have a few inches here and there, a good base. It's certainly not enough though. We need more on the trails and we need to be cautious of bodies of water yet. The temperatures are dropping so that will definitely help the cause! 

During Christmas break, I was able to take a ride around the yard and out into the field where I grew up. It was exhilarating... fast... and freezing! The air sucks the oxygen right out of you. I had to be quite cautious though speeding across the field. Our farmer had spread manure recently and there were some not  so frozen through chunks laid about sporadically. It was like riding around a mine field! Zig-zagging around the land as if I hit one, I'd then explode! Of course... I wouldn't. I would just reek of cow dung and the track would get all gunked up. 

Speaking of fields... I would suggest veering away from those that are not among the designated trails. Our farmer is truly a great guy and doesn't mind the snowmobiles on the field during the winter. We actually help somehow. But there are those out there that particularly despise the snowmobile community and do not want anyone on their property, rightfully so. With the mindset of villains and evil doers some set up "traps" to either intentionally wreck the sled and/or hurt the rider as a way to teach a lesson. Warning to all riders out there... some people are ruthless, savage-like, and completely inhumane when it comes down to it. Be careful where you ride and stay on the trails! For the other portion of the landowners who just want peace and quiet and not have their land ripped up by the machines or crazy, ignorant riders who ruin it for everyone else... Please try to respect them and their land. 

While I was out riding the big sled, the little ones were riding the Kitty Cat around. It was most definitely a great family, fun time! Getting the kids outside and doing something other than playing a game on the iPad or video console really gets them motivated and can actually settle them down too!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great ring in to the New Year! 

Here's to hoping we see vast amounts of the white powder and some great riding weather!! None of the below freezing temps! I'm not a fan of my eyeballs freezing!! :) 

Until next time... 

Aaand that's a braaaap! 

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