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Photo Credit: Joanne Peters, SHASTA


Photo for SUCCESS AT SNODEO 2014!
Another Snodeo has come and gone...

In its 38th year of drags, vendors, prizes, winners, and fireworks... the Snodeo weekend was nothing short of success and fun. Beating up the snow with tiny tracks, the kids enjoyed the races and even more so the hot cocoa and warm food inside the Hiltebrant Recreation Center pavilion on North Street in Old Forge, New York. As usual, many vendors were on site to show off their reasons for loving the sport and of course their goods, services, or information. It seems each year there are friendly, familiar faces enjoying the music provided, or the various other activities for all. New faces and new vendors are always a plus. Leaving the weekend with more talk and chatter about what is happening and what is to come in the great world of snowmobiling. Demo rides were in full effect giving many the chance to try something different or just take in the fun of riding a new sled. All four manufacturers were proudly displaying the latest 2015 models with all the new bells and whistles. No comment on which I would prefer to ride and which I would prefer to run over with an army tank or blow up with a few sticks of TNT... just for fun. 💣😜 

Speaking of explosions... When it comes time to close the day on Saturday, most are looking forward to some major booms and bright, beautiful colors in the sky. Each year the Spectacular FIREWORKS crew puts on a show nothing short of their name. Bringing us one of our summertime favorites in the crisp, cold of the winter. They certainly hit it out of the park again... Grabbing hundreds of wandering attention spans and keeping them fixed for just a few moments. 

In light of the season, Santa and Mrs. Claus made their appearance getting all sorts of attention from young and old. I'm sure there was a few new snowmobile requests within the many wishes for Christmas this year. And most certainly... requests for lots and lots of snow this year to braaap on!  ☃ ❅ 

In the midst of holiday shopping, Christmas parties, and ring a ding specials on television... we mustn't forget the true meaning of the holidays. Without getting too involved in religion and what my personal belief is of the holidays... I'll end with this. 

Love, kindness, hope, faith, and the pure joy of giving and sharing. Knowing that part of the Adirondacks gets its share of business from all who attend, makes the event that much more successful. As the time approaches for us to buy gifts for our loved ones, let us think about our neighbors and families who work hard to keep local businesses afloat. Shop and buy local! Keep our friends and families in business and in return they'll help to put a smile on a loved one's face with the happiness and thought put into their gift. 🎁

With that said... Have a very, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy your families and remember to always be thankful for what you have and what you receive, no matter what. The best gift of all, is LOVE. 💝🎅🎄

Until next YEAR! 🎊

Aaaand that's a braaaaaaaap!! :)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of our friend James McFee who's son, Caiden (age 6), took 2nd Place in the 120 Modified Race at this year's SNODEO Youth Races. Congratulations Caiden and best of luck this season! 🏁 🏆

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