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Photo Credit: Matthew Haydt

Farewell & Cheers to New Beginnings!

Well as the summer ends for 2014 ... The NYS Fair has been in full swing. 

Carnival rides... too much food... expensive games... awesome concerts... and lots of walking around. There's so much more to the Fair than that of course. The livestock shows, events, and buildings giving us a close up look at what our great state has to offer in our local farms, lands, and what is produced from the livestock that we buy daily in our local markets. It's definitely a must see when you go to the Great NYS Fair. 

A perennial favorite, the Center of Progress Building, with its amazing annual sand sculpture, is an hour long trip if not more … so much to see. And when walking out the end of the building, one of my favorite parts is the PanAfrican Village where the music will make you want to clap, sing, and bounce with the dancers as they groove along the stage. With so many different sounds/beats and mixtures of music it is always a must see and hear. Plus there are various tents with the neatest items and cultural goods to see and purchase. 

Alongside of that is another personal favorite... The Art & Home Center building where photography,sculptures and other art pieces are placed on exhibit for viewing and voting. So many local artists and talent in the state!! I personally know a few who have had pieces up in the exhibit that I'm extremely proud of. A very unique and fun visit...

Upon leaving that building you will be able to visit the Horticulture Building, but before you enter there always stop by the Veteran's & 911 Memorial site in the square and take in the presence and beauty of something we shall never forget. The Horticulture Building is full of wonder and enjoyment as you will see more artistic venues and booths along with the Potato Booth, the Taste of NY Wine & Cheese Seminars, Produce, Flower and Apple Exhibits, New York Maple Center, and the local Honeybee Exhibit. Mmmm... apples and maple always get me thinking of the Fall. Which is right around the corner. 

When you're through there you may be hungry... so my suggestion would be to check out the International Pavilion Building. Where you can walk around and see all the various ethnic restaurants and get a taste of each! Also inside is a NY Spirits & Beer Pub... but you will also see wine tents and beer pubs galore all around the Fair! Sample slowly! 

Ahhh, the Dairy Building... enlightening us on the benefits of dairy farming and of course the $0.25 cups of chocolate and regular milk from our local dairy cows. Getting to see the annual butter sculpture and grabbing my delicious bag of cheese curds that I get every year is always a must. And the Beef Sundae is also a definite grab n eat! While in the Dairy building you will be able to walk outside and take in yet another outdoor food area with lots of various restaurants, wine tents, and pubs. With local musicians taking stage within the square you get a great spot to relax for a bit. 

Speaking of music! There are so many great artists that grace the Chevy Court stage... and for FREE! With a great line-up on the free stage, you know there's a great line-up for the Grandstand! 

What would a fair be without a carnival! Rides and games galore! Step on up and give it a try... dare to get on the highest, fastest ride!! Whatever you do... I'm sure it will end with a smile. 

And as the fair approaches its end this Labor Day weekend... So does my work with the ADK Trail Map and NYS Snowmobile Web Map. It is with sadness and heartbreak that I leave this stone to hop onto the next. My journey and adventure with Linda has come to a close and I will no longer be blogging as often as normal. You may get a blog here and there as events come about, and/or as seasons approach. Stay tuned to the Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest sites as they too will get attention from time to time, and will also be worked by Linda as often as she can. 

We all move forward in this life... and we all get older and wiser. Taking every bit of what I have learned from my experience with this company will inevitably guide me in the right direction and on a path that will continue to lead me where I need to go. 

With that said... I hope you have enjoyed my blogs and I wish you all a safe and happy journey! 

Thank you everyone!!

Out... Keepin' On

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