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Photo Credit: Rich Lajoie

SNODEO - Season Kick-Off

Photo for SNODEO - Season Kick-Off
Welcome back Monday… 

The 37th Annual SNODEO event brought to you by the Central Adirondack Association was in full force at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center Pavilion in Old Forge this past weekend. Children came to race in the Kitty Cat/120cc races, a vintage sled show, Santa & Mrs. Claus were on site, a Spectacular Fireworks display, and plenty of vendors and booths to visit and shop! From what I've heard and from the banter on Facebook, there was much to see and do this year and the event was a success. Happy to hear that people were able to get out there and enjoy the freshly fallen snow we were blessed with up there, and take in the event's offerings all weekend long.
The four manufacturers had the 2014 models on display. In a poll done on Facebook, mostly friends of mine as well as clubs… It seems everyone has their own idea on who and what makes the best machine. For sake of argument, let's just say that all the new machines are looking good and I can't wait to get out and ride! In a quote from one rider and snowmobile enthusiast, Stan Dorozynski of Frankfort, NY enlightened us with his take on the new Yamaha SR Viper. "'s an Arctic Cat chassis with Yamaha motor and clutching. Cat can obviously not make 135+ HP without adding a turbo. (Correction: "as far as the power I was referring to was the four stroke market") .They've been trying for years. Therefore it's a win win for both manufacturers. As far as my decision hands down the Ski Doo MXZ-TNT 800R ETEC. Favorite part of SNODEO was the fact that we rode groomed fast trails all day long."
I know a few people out there that enjoyed the riding as well this weekend!! I didn't get the chance to get out there myself, but I do know the snow was a big hit up in the Adirondacks and many were able to start 'em up and ride the trails! If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or input on the trails as of this weekend… please feel free to email me at! We would love to hear your feedback as well as any concerns. Don't forget to get a permit this year… as many locations require you to have one while in the areas. Check conditions and trail cams as well before riding!
As I was clearing off my truck of all the white stuff Sunday to go Christmas shopping, I heard the sound that makes me smile and giddy with excitement… braaaaaaaaaap!! Someone in town must have been gearing up for an afternoon of riding! It brought joy in my day to hear as well as to see some riders along side the roads, trailers at the pumps gassing up, and people's posts all weekend long of the beautiful landscapes and trails, or the group pics of riders in gear, and of course the machines in full on action mode! Happy to see the season kick-off and people out enjoying it…
'Til next time…
… aaaaaand that's a braaaap!

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