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Just Because It's Summer... Doesn't Mean You Can't Braaaaap!

Grass Drag and WaterX events are racing across the country! 

Most places do not have snow, therefore we look to other means to get those sleds running and flying across the lands! 

It’s the thrill of racing! It’s the high of winning! It’s the smell of gas and fumes that get the avid all-year round racers going! You’ll find them on the grass, dragging their sleds across rough, dirt terrain in an attempt to show off their skills and preferred brands. Trail and stock classes do not allow engine modifications, therefore keep in mind that most sleds you are watching in grass drag are stock! Grass drag is one of the simplest forms of racing and is pretty straightforward, but there is actually a whole mess of class-specific regulations one must follow in order to compete. If you’re looking to get out there and start racing because you miss your sled that much, and need it to survive on the off season… grip your handlebars and get ready to go! This learning curve of riding on dirt and grass can really take you for a spin! 

There are several categories to consider when attempting to set up a sled for grass drag… 

1) Suspension & Chassis Prep - Weight transfer is perhaps the most important step because it helps the sled hook up and accelerate. 

2) Pointed Studs or Chisels - Traction is obviously different for grass than on snow… you’ll need the right products to help grab more dirt for traction.

3) Carb Jetting - Fuel is vital to run a sled, obviously… but it has to be a certain percentage of ethanol (10%) and if it is more then be prepared to be disqualified from your race! Most stock classes run 87 octane. 

4) Reduce Rolling Resistance - Idlers with a rubber contact surface will cause more friction, whereas metal or hard plastic idlers provide less resistance.

5) Clutching & Gearing - A dialed-in drive train is key to get rock-solid performance… Usually found by trial and error. Performance shops will usually have the best setup, but make sure they are keen on grass drag. (1) 

More information can be followed at This site clearly gives you the necessary ingredients to making the perfect performance sled for grass drag! 

In regards to WaterX Racing… My girl Krista Maki-Zurn’s interview blog detailed a racer’s opinion and insight on the sport. Today is Day 1 of qualifying at the World Championship of WaterX! BEST OF LUCK TO HER TEAM, GLH PERFORMANCE!!!! Go get 'em!! Braaaaaaaaap!! 

As we make our way to the weekend of August 9-10th… Flat Rock Inn will be holding the NYS Championship Racing event of the season here in NY. With that said… get your camping spot reserved and be sure to check out the races! If you want to get out and do more than watch… Go rent ATV’s, find the thrill of whitewater rafting, go hiking, try casting out your line, view the natural wildlife, golf, or just relax in the clean fresh air of the true North Country wilderness. I, for one, will be digging my camp chair in the earth and getting a real good seat to watch some WaterX racing! Then I’ll probably head out on the trails… get some good food while enjoying a cold one, maybe try some whitewater rafting… and do all of the above! If time allows! 

Boy, that “time” thing is a real damper sometimes. Wish there were more hours in the day… for more thrill seeking adventures! 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

(1) SnoGoer: World’s #1 Snowmobile Magazine -

(2) Flat Rock Inn (Tug Hill Region) -

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