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Photo Credit: Dustin Brisky, Franklinville Snowmobile Club

Water X Racing & Flyboarding Fun!

Watercross (Water X) racing has started in all sorts of regions! 

This past weekend my friend Krista Maki-Zurn hit her race day with pure motivation and drive! Out in her 1st ever oval races... Finished 2nd in qualifying & 3rd in the final for women's 800 open ovals. Finished 1st in all Drag qualifying and WON the 800 Drag class also this past weekend. And now she’s ready for this upcoming weekend at Brainerd International Raceway to do it all over again! BEST OF LUCK KRISTA!! Rooting for you from NY! 

Also, Delaware Valley Ridge Riders had their EWA Snowmobile Watercross Race & Grass Drags this past weekend with TONS of FUN happening all around the event. Unfortunately, I could not get down there for this but got some great info and updates from people there. From the photos posted on the Delaware Valley Ridge Riders page, it looked like a spectacular event. Two solid days of snowmobiles in the summertime! What more could the snowmobile community ask for?? Well… more of these events of course. And probably snow… but let’s not get too carried away now! I still want my warm nights and sand between my toes! 

One thing they had besides the races, was a neat show of two guys showing off their “Flyboarding” skills! If you’ve not heard of this new water sport… take a look at some of the photos captured on their Facebook page. You can also Google the sport to learn more about it. It looks extremely entertaining and definitely risky, and daring! A Flyboard is a type of water jetpack attached to a personal water craft (PWC) which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard through air and water to perform a sport known as flyboarding. A Flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 metres in the air or to dive headlong through the water.(1)

This was invented only a few years ago, in 2011 by a French watercraft rider who obviously has a thing for speed, heights, water, and being a daredevil. I can honestly say though, I would absolutely try it given the chance!! So if anyone wants to give this gal a free lesson in Flyboarding I would be elated!! 

There are plenty more races to come this summer… Wish I could get out Krista’s way in the Western half of the US… but alas time and money are of lesser quantity this year. I do wish you luck this coming up weekend as well as the rest of your races! 

If you’re in our great state… we still have the ever so popular races in at the Flat Rock Inn, Tug Hill. Check out their website to get more details! Here’s the schedule! 

2014 Tug Hill Watercross Series
Spring Classic - June 14, 15
Smoke On The Water - July 12, 13
NY State Championship - Aug. 9, 10

Until next time…

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 


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