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Spend a Day at the Races!

Last weekend I went to the Oneida-Rome Speedway in Vernon, NY to watch the awesome Memorial Day Weekend races, along with some of the best fireworks in CNY! 

As we transition to the off-season for snowmobiling, we look to other motor sports that involve loud noises and braaaaping. I love the races in that it makes one see the exceptional beauty in dirt road racing, speed, agility, precision, skill… and most importantly LOUD NOISES! When it comes down to it, we (everyone who loves recreational vehicles) enjoy a good show, a good race, and a loud engine! 

The races consist of 5 different categories or events. You have your All-American Series Modified, Sportsman, Pro Stock, Pure Stock, and Super Sprints. The greatest part about the long day at the track, is that they are all different types of cars and every one of them is unique. Pick a driver. Pick a number. Pick a sponsor. It’s all in fun and makes for a great family trip or just a day to hang out with friends on the big bleachers cheering for the next guy like you’re at NASCAR while drinking a cold beer and eating some great food. My favorite… Bud Light and Utica-Rome’s Pizza Rolls. 

Sit back and relax… make sure to wear shades because of the flying debris and dirt that will definitely make its way to you with the fast paced action hitting the curves and sending it through the air. Always bring a blanket to sit on, and then wrap up with when it gets to be 10pm and the races are still going strong. Accidents happen and time sort of gets away while they clean up or clear the track. If you have bleacher cushioned-seats… definitely bring ‘em! They will help to give your tush a little cush! 

The cost to get in varies on what races are happening that day… Always check online at for schedules, pricing, updates, and more. Tony Stewart has even made his way to the Utica-Rome track to watch the races, specifically Jessica Zemken. People love the races, because they give us a chance to get outside and still be a part of the rush, the drive, the thrill of racing while being close to home. Everyday people get out to race in cars they build themselves and pay for out of their own pockets. Others find sponsors and get to be a little more flashy. I love all of them and enjoy the action packed, exciting, surprise finishes that leave everyone either cheering or frustrated. Haha… The element of surprise when one bumps into another and sends the leader to last place leaving everyone in suspense and on their feet is such a high! 

You’ll enjoy every aspect of the races at Utica-Rome Speedway and want to go back for more. Luckily they have races most every weekend. Stop out and see what the buzz is all about! Braaap your way to the track and get a fill of your favorite loud, thunderous engine rumbles. Grab some grub, a cold beer, a great seat, some raffle tickets, shades… and cheer on the guys n gals that make their way to the track to win and show off their skills! You won’t be disappointed… 

As for fireworks, well they come around for the holidays. But the Memorial Day display was certainly nothing short of spectacular! Amazing show as usual… and when I left, I felt a sense of joy…  AWESOME and HAPPY! Not bad for a Sunday afternoon/evening. 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

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