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Photo Credit: Mark Gilson

Nice Weather Brings Out the Braaaaping!

The sound of braaaping hits my ears as I sit here and work...

Such a lovely sound to hear along with the chirping of birds, and the laughter of some neighborhood kids walking home from school. It's a warm, but cool Spring day here in the valley. A beautiful 60 degree day, a great day to wash the Jeep and go for a ride after work. Maybe put the top down if it's still nice enough...Emoji

With the weather reaching the point of more sunny and warmer days, than cold and rainy... dismal. We need to be careful of our surroundings and others on the road, obviously not just during the warmer season but always. I have many friends and family members out braaaaping about on two-wheels. I am always praying for their safety as the harsh reality and fact is that most accidents happen because people are unaware of the motorcyclists beside them, or coming at them from another direction. It's a heck of a lot tougher to see a motorcycle in the blind spot than a vehicle. So please watch out for them this season and let's keep our friends and family members safe on the roads! Emoji

A few tips from Motorcycle Safety Foundation ( See and Be Seen. Emoji

Be as conspicuous as possible. Wear bright clothing and a light-colored helmet. Always have your headlight on, and use your high beam or an aftermarket headlight modulator during the day (where allowed). 1

Pretend you’re invisible. If you assume others on the road can’t see you, and any car that can hit you will hit you, you will tend to ride in a hyper- aware mindset and learn to notice every detail in your surroundings. In other words, you will take extra responsibility for your safety and ride defensively. You will vary your speed and lane position to place yourself in the best spot on the road to avoid collisions, plan escape paths in case a driver violates your right-of-way, cover your brake controls to quicken your reactions, use your horn to alert a driver who doesn’t notice you, and always ride within your limits. 1

And for those that like to be daredevil's and Evil Kenevil's ... Please be careful, be safe, and don't be stupid. It only takes one tiny mistake to end your life and possibly other's lives. I know the sensation and feeling of going fast is a rush and a high. But done in the wrong places, you will find yourself caught in a predicament you never wanted to be in. So avoid at all costs... the urge to do something utterly risky and dumb. Emoji

Now... it's nearly time for me to head out and enjoy the rest of the afternoon... so I will surely be using my head and watching out for all you braaaaping beasts on the pavement! Enjoy the next few days of sunshine and get out there and RIDE!! 

Until next time...

... aaaand that's a braaaap!! 

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