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Photo Credit: Ray Visser

A Man's Best Friend

Photo for A Man
Today marks our second blog post to date. Unfortunately, it has been a rough day for this blogger. In order to write about something, it has to come from the heart today. Today I lost my best friend, my dog of 12 years. As most people with pets who become more like children, family members, best friends… We treat them as we would want to be treated as a person. With respect, love, kindness, care, and protection. So this blog is dedicated to my Tigerman. 

Tiger was a great outdoor dog. He loved to play outside whether it be winter, summer, spring, or fall. When he was younger, he loved playing in the snow. He would pounce on the freshly fallen snow to get it to spray upwards and outwards to where he would pounce again on the scattered flakes. He'd roll in the snow, which I thought was his way of making a snow pup angel, but I think it was just a way for him to say, "Hey Mom! Look it's close to taking a bath!" And when he got up and shook it all off it was of course, right in my face. I loved throwing snow at him and chasing him around the yard while he looked for great spots to hide and get down on his front legs, getting ready to pounce out at me. But, one thing he didn't like about the season were the snowmobiles. They were just too loud for him because he had sensitive ears. He also didn't like thunderstorms, but that's another story. 

People and their pets are much like people and their snowmobiles. We take pride in what we have and what we earn. Some even name their sleds like pets. I've seen many people riding around with their dogs in front of them, cruising around with big smiles on their faces and tongues hanging off to the side… and the dog's too. That's a proud owner… of both best friend and machine. They'll dedicate their lives to making you happy.  So this season, make sure to take pride in both. And if you're riding with your co-captain… be safe, have fun, and don't take them for granted! 

"No matter how little money and how few possessions, you own, having a dog makes you rich."
    -Louis Sabin

… aaaand that's a braaaap! 

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