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Photo Credit: Kyle Woodruff

SNIRT Run 2014 Precautions & Tips‏

It’s SNIRT time! The picture for this blog is an actual web cam shot of yesterday, from Tug Hill's Northern Chateau (Lowville, NY) to depict the weather conditions as of today.

We have trails that are specific to the event, so please stay on the trails designated for SNIRT and be respectful of property that is adjoining to the trails. In the past, there have been several instances that make for these issues each year whether it be swaying off the trails, littering, stranded motorists, emergency calls, or being completely offensive and starting trouble.

Some tips and advice for this weekend to get off on a good start and to stay that way throughout the event…

1) Respect. The trails and roads are there to get you from point A to point B. Stay on designated trails, do not veer off to play where you feel necessary. These events go on year after year with the notion that people will be wise enough to comply with rules and regulations. But every year there are a few who feel it necessary to disobey and be disrespectful. Please don’t be one of those people. In fact, if you see someone doing anything they aren’t supposed to, then report them. Simple. They won’t be allowed to come back and there will be one less issue.

2) Dress Appropriately. Last year and year’s prior there have been some hypothermia cases of people and unfortunately, children who became stranded and hadn’t packed the correct gear or weren’t prepared to be sitting in the cold for long periods of time. Bring extra thermal wear, gloves, hats, etc and strap it to your machine… The temps and surrounding areas with snow are still very much in Winter mode therefore you will need suitable gear in case of emergency.

3) Bring ropes and other safety gear. While most of us don’t want to think about getting lost or stranded… we have to think ahead and be prepared for whatever may happen. Flares, rope or chains, matches, compass, reflectors, etc… Stranded motorists were a HUGE reason for some new regulations and rules. Please be safe and use precaution when riding in areas you are unfamiliar with and look “iffy”. There are limited emergency crews working for SNIRT and will be on call, but it takes time to get to certain areas and people need to make sure they will be safe while waiting.

4) Travel with a group. It is always a better option to travel with others in case of someone getting stuck, lost, stranded, or in case of an emergency. Traveling alone can be extremely dangerous and could result in you sitting alone waiting for help, whereas if you were with others the situation could have been resolved without an issue.

5) Make sure cell phones are fully charged before leaving on the run, in case of emergency (assuming reception).

6) Carry a bag for garbage and strap it on the back or put it in a compartment where you can unload into an actual garbage container in appropriate places. Please do not litter or throw anything on trails, on the side of trails or roads, or anywhere other than a garbage container. This goes back to respect… respect our land and where we ride, play, and live.

7) If you’ve had too much to drink on the run, please don’t get behind the throttle. For your protection, ours, and every other person on the roads or trails… please drink responsibly and make this an enjoyable event for all. Use your judgment, make a good call.

For those of you who have yet to register your ATV… be sure to do so before getting out there this weekend. Visit the website below (bottom of blog) to get information on registering an ATV in NYS. The ATV registration and registration renewal fee is $12.50 per year – it is not prorated by month. You also must pay a $12.50 license plate fee when you first register your ATV. You will be issued a plate, a registration sticker and an attached registration document. The plate must be attached to the rear of the ATV, and the sticker should be placed at the right side of the plate. You should carry the registration document when operating your ATV. (1)

Let’s enjoy the start of a new season… and make this a successful event for the SNO-PALS as well as for Lewis County.

A shout out to the Tug Hill Adirondack ATV Association, who will be hosting another event in May called the Spring Fling Kick-Off for ATV’s and UTV’s. An event for all ages… this should be on all calendars for competitive riders and recreational riders. The event is Saturday thru Sunday May 17-18th. Complete with MX-Track Competitions, Drag Track, Mud Bog, and Wheelie Competitions. See their Facebook page for more details…

Until next time…

… aaaand that’s a braaaap!

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