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ATV's in the Snow!

Our season of snowmobiling is coming to a close… but there are so many trails still open up in the northern country. 

Yesterday, I saw many posts from White Lake, Old Forge, Tupper, Tug Hill, Big Moose, and even out towards Lake George and North Warren. Some have put their sleds away, but there are still some great trails open and riding can still be done if you are able to travel a little on your time off. 

April is next week and we will be approaching the SNIRT Run action before we know it! I’ve heard many complaints that there is still too much snow for the event to be successful. The name SNIRT comes from Snow and Dirt put together people! This event has been successful no matter what the weather, or conditions. People are going to show up with either a sled, or an ATV whether it’s snowing or bright and sunny with half snow and half mud. We need to be positive and open our minds to having a good time no matter what is on the ground.  

Here are some helpful tips for riding an ATV in the snow… 

1) Tire treading is vital to riding in the powder. Consider changing out older, worn tires before heading out to play in the snow. Like those adorable kids say in the commercial, if you take a penny and Abe’s head doesn’t touch a tread, you don’t want to go out into it unless you have means of pulling yourself out of a jam. Such as a winch…

2) Installing a winch on a vehicle to help get you out of certain spots that would warrant such a tool, can be a true timesaver! 

3) A conversion kit can make your ATV fun in the off season, and is easy to convert back for mud season!! Putting a couple track-wheel coverings for the rear, and skis on the front can make for an awesome all year round riding experience! 

4) If you can’t afford to get new tires on your ATV, try putting chains on as an alternative and see what a difference they make in the real deep snow and sludge. 

Another event that is coming up next weekend is the popular Mettowee Off-Road Park Spring Fling in Whitehall, NY. Mud, trails, rocks, and pay out competitions… but the last picture I viewed of the park was all white and fluffy. Hopefully in one week most of it will melt, allowing the Jeeps, ATV’s, and other all terrains to mud around and get dirty. If that’s what you’re into and you’re free check it out next weekend, April 4-6th. 

This winter might seem like it has lasted too long for some, others would disagree calling it a much deserved extension. We’ve had so many short, snowless winters that this absolutely makes up for some of that. As of this weekend, the last weekend in March… will we be going out like a lion or starting April off like a lamb? No matter what it is, take it as it is and enjoy the weather the best you can. Smile, laugh, play and worry about life’s struggles another day. Life is too short to not take advantage of our many recreational activities in NYS. Go out and have fun! 

Until next time… 

aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

Here are some links to the upcoming events and a link to some helpful tips! 

Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park:

11th Annual SNIRT Run:

Helpful Hints and Tips for Riding an ATV in the Snow:

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