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Booming Business Because of Braaaaping!

Hello Monday… Always a pleasure. (Sarcasm)

I was at the pump yesterday filling up my tank and shaking my head at the cost of gas, milk, bread, eggs, and butter. The main staples needed for most… are the most expensive nowadays. I could have gone to the market to get the goods, but a one stop shop gas station was already in my pathway and I was on a mission to my parent’s house for lasagna dinner. So that $3.69 gallon of 1% got picked out of the cooler, along with the other basic food necessities (including a $4 bag of Maple Bacon Jerky… yes it’s a necessity). I then walked to the front of the store staring at all the bright advertising signs for certain things, and some of the impulse buy items next to the register as I stood in line.  But what caught my attention next is what today’s blog is actually about…

The Utica Observer Dispatch was laid out and on the front page was a killer article on our awesome sport and season. I stood and read for a minute while waiting until the cashier cleared her throat letting me know I was next… I paid for my things, jetted out the door, and headed up the hill for some hot, delicious dinner and family time. 

When I got home I looked up the article online and found the rest to be extremely important to chat about. First and foremost, I remember the bartender when I went to SnoFest, Amber, from Trails End in Old Forge. Her statement about the local economy needing the snowmobile traffic financially because… well it’s vital to most businesses in the North Country during the off season was true and on point. I say off season because Old Forge is notorious for their summer recreation of hiking, biking, paddling, camping, and the obvious Water Safari/Enchanted Forest parks. People travel up to the Adirondacks in the warmer seasons to enjoy MANY different aspects and recreational activities. It’s a booming economy in the Spring thru Fall. When Winter hits the scene, they pray for seasons like the one we’ve had this year in order to survive. Snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding… all fun, recreational activities to do in the Winter need one very important factor: SNOW. 

We have had some bleak Winters with little to no snow leaving the economy and local tourism at a standstill for months and causing our businesses to feel threatened by the drought of cash-flow. But not this year… This year we are having a long, fruitful season of the white stuff and the businesses couldn’t be happier up North. The amount of snow and the longevity of the season has given sales quite the boost for our Adirondack economy. Most weekends I’ve seen a flurry of statuses on Facebook and Twitter stating that they can’t wait to get out the next day and ride being that it’s the end of March and they still can! However, not all businesses rake in the dough with the traffic coming thru the towns. Snowmobiling can be an all day event, mostly riding trails and stopping at pubs and restaurants. Leaving the utility stores, bakeries, gift shops, and other unique places still longing for some customers. So while out for the rest of this season… make sure to visit a place you wouldn’t normally stop at and just check out the local merchandise or markets and drop a couple bucks for our local Mom n Pop shops. Give back to the communities while enjoying their awesome trails! 

Read up on the article at: … 

Great job done by reporter Sara Tracey, photo by Tina Russell from this year’s SnoFest. 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

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