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Aaaand March Madness begins!! Come on Syracuse!! Go ORANGE!! 

As we enjoy the start of March Madness, I feel it is necessary to mention our March Madness Snowmobile Web Map, App, and GPS discount… If you’re looking to get any one of those options they are now 50% off to finish out the season! So take a moment to head to our homepage and click on one of those options, or to your phone’s app store to download the app. 

The many reasons we all love to get out and enjoy the snow during the season is because it gets us out away from our televisions and couches doing something extracurricular when it’s cold and dreary looking outside. But when March rolls around we either see sporadic amounts of snow still in some areas and mucky, muddy roads or trails in others. Some places still have good, solid snow trails in our great state. Of course most of those places are up north in our Adirondacks and Tug Hill areas. As I look outside though, I do see some snow coming down and according to the weather forecast we are looking at more snow throughout the weekend and next week.

So as March Madness rolls in some of us find ourselves back in front of the TV for some awesome bball court action! No matter what happens in this tournament, I am still proud of Syracuse for this season’s play. We certainly could have played a heck of a lot better in quite a few games, but there’s no reason to look back on them and rehash the negatives. So, if someone out there has a perfect bracket they win ONE BILLION DOLLARS! (Feeling like Dr. Evil as I say that. Haha) That is absolutely insane. We are in a state of debt in this country, most people living paycheck to paycheck, and some barely that… and someone is willing to hand over one billion dollars because another someone was able to guess what teams were to win in the NCAA tournament bracket?! Crazy.

Well checking scores, and looking over my bracket… I’m already out and not in the winning for that hefty check. So apparently, I will not be taking a much needed vacation to a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches, crystal blue sparkling water, and fruity drinks with umbrellas. Not anytime soon anyway. 

One more thing before I head back to the games for the evening… For those unaware of the situation on the 11th Annual SNIRT Run in Tug Hill on April 12-14th, it is BACK ON!! Plan on going and although they may still have some considerable amounts of snow, we will definitely enjoy the event no matter what! So bring your sled or your ATV and get out there for some good times!! 

Until next time…

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

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