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If You're Lucky Enough to Ride this Weekend... You're Lucky Enough!

So Winter Storm Vulcan blew its blustery, cold, winter mix leaving only traces of snow in some areas, ice and sleet here and there, and dumping feet of heavy snow in others. 

I won’t get into the reports on which places got what, but I will throw up some areas that have gotten quite a bit of the white stuff and could use some traffic this weekend if you are looking to get away and braaaap about. Brantingham, I’ve seen some great shots and videos of the trails and they’re looking great!! Tug Hill… obviously still going strong. Big Moose Inn posted some great photos and has a great weekend special if you want some quiet time and some fun on the trails. Ohio Ridge Riders are out as I write this grooming their trails! FingerLakes Snowmobile Club is showing some promise in their pics… Northern Warren Trailblazers have stated that they have 18-20” out of the storm so they are grooming and ready for the weekend. Obviously, there are many more areas with snow for the weekend so get out and enjoy it! We won’t have many more this season! 

So some people are left brap happy, and others quite upset with Mother Nature. I’m somewhere in the middle of that. We didn’t quite get the awesome amounts that Tug Hill or others parts of the Adirondacks got, but we received our fair share. With that said, many of you will continue to ride on for a few more weeks in some areas. If you want to continue riding, some of you might have to travel. And with another event this weekend, why not stop out to the New York 100 Cross Country Snowmobile Race Saturday, starting at 9 am. Classes of all levels, from 120 kids to Pro drivers and everything in between. There is even a Trail 800 class for those of you with 800. If you want more information go to USCC East or North East Sno-X on Facebook. There is a scheduled Snowmobile Hill Climb by the SHCRA in Tuxedo, NY at the Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center as well. And just a heads up, the Delaware Valley Ridge Riders have cancelled this weekend’s race scheduled in Downsville.

This weekend also happens to hold a few special events for me.  My Poppy’s birthday, so I’m going to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Can’t wait to celebrate with him and my mother as well, because their anniversary is Monday, St. Patrick’s Day! One of my favorite holidays, it sits up next to Christmas on a high pedestal. I love wearing green, dressing like a leprechaun, and watching the parade! I also enjoy a few pints with friends and raise ‘em up to the Irish! With that said… I want to extend a very serious and caring “words of wisdom” ending for today’s blog. Be safe, Be smart, Be sober… if you’re behind the wheel or throttle this weekend. Use a lifeline if you must and phone a friend to come get you if you’ve had too much. We lose too many good folk to bad decisions and poor judgement when it comes to drinking and driving. 

But……… Have a great weekend! A happy, bright, and cheery holiday!! Here’s a toast to all of you who I now consider my friends for taking the time to read my blogs and follow me on twitter and Facebook. 

                                 "May the leprechauns be near you,
                                    To spread luck along your way.
                                         May all the Irish angels,
                                Smile upon you on St. Patrick's Day."

Until next time… 

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! (USCC New York 100, Saturday March 15th)

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