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Photo Credit: Renee Newton

Chills, Thrills, & Grills!

It’s back to Monday… and I’m staring at the weather map wondering if we are going to get this big storm that is popping up in the news feeds more than Miley Cyrus’s twerking pics.

If we do, in fact get what is estimated… we are looking at 8-18” across the state. There are trails in our south and western regions that have already closed. So this could mean one or two more weekends of riding for some areas. So don’t put away the sleds just yet!! Keep your fingers crossed for some more powder!
On another note, I was able to get out to SnoFest this past weekend and what a great time it was! As I drove up 28 towards the event, I noticed more and more sleds parked at some of our awesome sponsor locations. Kratzy’s Bar & Grill for instance was packed with sleds and riders just hanging out in the parking lot before heading in to get warm and grab a cold one. Campbell’s Homestyle Cook Inn was also looking quite busy. The warm, inviting look of the restaurant had me wanting to stop myself but I was on a mission. The C7 trail along the highway was certainly getting some action as I made my way up 28. Seeing riders on the trails, and using caution while crossing the road, stopping at sponsor locations… can always put a smile on my face! For those using our app, make sure to mention it to the places you stop at… they love hearing that their advertising efforts aren’t going to waste. So the next time you’re out (this weekend after the “big” storm hits) make sure to mention at your stops that you saw them on our GPS map/apps. If they aren’t on the map... make sure to mention that they should be!
Coming into Old Forge I was in desperate need of gas… yes I know, I probably should of fueled up before I left but I was too excited to get out there! I pulled into Fastrac across from Old Mill and noticed a lot of traffic coming from Don’s Polaris… Hoping they had a great weekend of business! Pine Knoll Lodge & Cabins and the 19th Green Motel were both completely booked with No Vacancy signs boasting their joy for the weekend travelers. It was looking pretty good for the event already and I hadn’t even reached the destination yet.
I pulled into a parking lot across from the new pub & grill, Trailside, and headed towards the George T. Hiltebrant Recreation Center. The walk was brisk, the air was certainly chilly, but watching the sleds coming in and out of the area was awesome! All I could hear was the laughing of children playing on the plow hills, brapping from all directions, and music coming from inside the pavilion. As I walked in, I immediately got my camera out and starting snapping shots of all the sleds on display, some vendors, and of course friends! Sledfreak’s own Deb Clifford was in good spirits about the event up until the very end when someone snatched a couple of her stickers (a yellow oval and a yellow Maltese cross) without paying for them. Such a terrible disgrace and disrespect to the event as well as to our sport, and of course to Sledfreak. If you can’t afford stickers, you shouldn’t have a sled… or if you feel the need to steal, you shouldn’t be allowed in these events. I sure hope the rest of the event on Sunday was a better one Deb!
Rick Kubecka of Kubecka’s Polaris in Mohawk, NY was busy chatting it up with several Polaris guys and showing off the brand new 2015 Polaris 800 RUSH PRO-X which although I’m a Cat Girl by heart, I must say looked absolutely awesome! Friends, Joe & Ken, from Rpm Apparel were also just as busy talking to customers and selling the goods. I was able to snap a few pictures of each booth, so please be sure to check them out via our Facebook page!
The demo rides were quite a success outside of the pavilion where people were lined up ready to ride. Many standing outside in line for a half hour or more. And just up the hill a bit from the pavilion was an incredibly awesome addition to the event. Helicopter rides for any and all to experience! North Country Heliflite was extremely preoccupied with signing up flights and getting people up in the air. As I approached the woman handling the sign up sheet, I was blown away at the kindness and offer to ride to take some aerial shots. The wait was approximately 30-40 minutes because of the amped traffic wanting to go up! I didn’t mind the wait at all as I headed inside and grabbed a juicy, grilled burger from concession and a cup of ale to help ease my nervousness. Haha… This being the first time I have gotten in a chopper!
The ride was AMAZING! As I climbed in, Bruce (pilot and owner) was quite the host, joking about it being his first day on the job! Ha! Thanks for getting the heart racing Bruce! I was given headphones that had lite, soothing music playing making the ride so much more peaceful and serene staring out into the wild forestry, hills, and mountains of the Adirondack Park. We circled for a few and came back down just in time to see the fireworks guys setting up for the night’s entertainment.
The fireworks were pretty awesome as well that night… Lighting up the cold, winter sky with beautiful, bright colors and big, loud bangs giving me the chills from excitement and not the air.
Finally, met some great new friends from our Finger Lakes wine country and headed to Daiker’s for the end of the evening’s festivities. A really long day, but what a blast! Thanks to all who went out and supported the event, as well as the vendors and workers/volunteers who put it all on!
Until next time…
… aaaand that’s a braaaap!
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