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Snowmobile to SnoFest this Weekend!

Hey y'all! How’s everyone enjoying the amounts of snow still here in our great state??
As I see it, March is marching to it’s own beat and not ready to throw in the Spring towel just yet. Checking the radar and looking at numerous weather patterns and sites, we may just be looking at yet another major snowstorm coming at us full swing. A look at the weather maps that can predict up to 10 days in advance, surely shows something on the horizon but what? We can only hope for another big blast to hit us before we say goodbye to the snow, our sleds, and our winter fun. As I sit here and type that, I shake my head. Because just last year around this time we were out at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Utica, NY basking in the sun outside of the Celtic Harp and enjoying an incredible 60 degree day. The sun was so bright, the sky was light blue, there were barely any clouds in the sky… and it was a pleasant day for a parade. This next week approaching does not look like we will be blessed with that again.
I was reading the latest issue of SUPERTRAX Magazine and I came across an article by Kent Lester… great writer and very passionate about riding. The article is called “The Difference Winter Makes” and is a powerful look inside our sport and how it is evolving, the politics behind it, and the keys to keeping the pattern or cycle going strong. He speaks of the past few years and how the weather is inconsistent putting sled sales in the tank, but when we hit a good year (like the present) we get a blast of sales that leads our favorite machine makers into creating new possibilities and ideas for the upcoming year’s new makes and models. It’s a great read and if you don’t get the magazine or haven’t heard of it, see the link at the bottom and check it out. There’s also a little article that proves why Danica Patrick will always be one of my favorite pro racers. Yes she’s a female and that’s part of the reason, haha. But she is also a HUGE snowmobiling fan! If you didn’t know this before you will now… Her mother was a snowmobile mechanic in the 1970’s and Danica’s father was a snowmobile racer. Hence, how they met! Just an FYI fun fact for ya!
The other slice of blogging I’d like to do today is with events, obviously we are dwindling down with most and that’s ok! That leaves us with casual, recreational, last minute, trail riding on the weekends with no real place to be or go and to enjoy the sport without having to set up a time to leave, or head out for something specific. Whatever you decide to do with the last bit of winter we have left, please be safe and ride as much as possible! There are still some events that are important to mention… We have this weekend’s SnoFest up in Old Forge that is a great way to end the season with a bang for events. You get everything all in one weekend. Vendors, food & beverages, music, snow tubing, raffles, fireworks, balloon and helicopter rides (weather permitting), and demo rides from all major manufacturers. So stop out this weekend and join in the fun! Here is a link to the flyer for this year’s SnoFest!!
To view the article and others in SUPERTRAX… simply go to this site and download this month’s issue or subscribe today!
Until next time…
… aaaand that’s a braaaap!

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