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Another great weekend passed us by… full of events and fun! 

Hope most of you were able to catch one of the many events that were going on this past weekend. I went to the Munnsville Legion to catch the 3rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile Show/ Swap Meet & Chicken BBQ. What an amazing aroma that filled the air as soon as we arrived. The smell of a fire and some good ole country cooking. The chili cook-off was underway, and we just missed the last batch of chicken dinners to leave the premise. We weren’t upset though because we were able to taste test the chilies and had an amazing barbecue pulled pork sandwich with some fine flavor!! I was able to see a Lil’ Andy in person and what a fine little sled it is! I did however come across a Kitty Cat that was labeled ’60… and to my knowledge the Kitty Cat came out in 1972. If I’m wrong, I will say I am wrong. But I did some research and I do believe the gentleman may have his year wrong. Please contact me at if you believe that it may be correct, and the Kitty Cat preceded the Lil Andy. If you’d like to see it in photo, please head to our Facebook page, NY Snowmobile Web Map. I took several shots while there, and I must say that some of the vintage sleds we saw were in great shape! It’s amazing to see people take such pride in the sleds past. To keep and maintain the machine as close to the original as possible. My three favorites of course were the Cougar, Panther, and Cheetah sleds… gotta love that leopard print seat!! 

I was standing by the fire, chatting with friends about the winter and it seems that most are pretty happy with what we have gotten this year. Only a select few are complaining and I can see why. If you don’t travel and try new trails in different areas, you’re definitely not getting your worth out of the sleds and the season. Try our statewide app and get going to the many, MANY different places in NYS that offer trails and stops that will have you wanting more! Upstate to downstate, East to West… we have over 10,000 miles of trails in our system. If you aren’t traveling and going places with your sleds, then you certainly will get bored and it won’t seem as enjoyable. There are so many places you can travel to, stay at, eat & drink, enjoy some entertainment… and then head back home. Make a day trip or weekend of it! Plan your trip before leaving on our website (click the link above for our web map!). You will find it is easier than you think… We have about a month of snow and riding left. Use your time wisely and go enjoy it! 

Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week was Feb 8-17… not sure how successful it was or if anyone really knew it existed. But we must make the effort to encourage more to join the sport to keep our traditions and season alive with traffic and passion for the sport! While standing with a couple and their kid this weekend, I noticed how antsy he was to get back on the sled and go home. It’s not a good sign when our youth are getting bored with the sport. We need to encourage them and keep them entertained with the idea that they will someday own a sled themselves and carry out tradition. Keep it fun! Make it entertaining! Let them drive, in an open field and slow and easy at first (haha). Get them accustom to enjoying it as much as you do. Let’s keep our sport alive and make others see why we love it so much.  

As this week rolls on by… we lose another hour! Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead and Spring Forward!  I am not one who likes to lose sleep, so that precious hour is going to be missed. There are so many more events still to come though so let’s not think Spring too much! 

Coming up this weekend… SnoFest in Old Forge.‎
Snomageddon 2014 at Rotterdam’s Maple Ski Ridge - March 7-9th
Another Vintage Show in Dexter, NY … @Rustic Golf Club on County Rte 59
A Vintage Triathlon in Herkimer, NY at the Kast Hill Farm brought to you by the East Herkimer Sno-Riders on Saturday, March 8th. 

If there are any others that I may have missed, I’m sure there are… please contact me and I will try to get them up on Thursday. Thank you for the heads up! 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

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