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Photo Credit: Robin Baker, Pine Knoll Lodge

Vvvrraaaaping About Vintage!

The end of another week nears us and another storm is brewing in the Upstate areas of NY.

I heard on the news that Tug Hill was going to get 6-12” as well as Oneida, Madison, Lewis, and some of Herkimer County getting 2-6”. So the weekend should be a good one to ride out and enjoy some events. 

Being that I grew up with a great man as a father, who absolutely loves his vintage sleds… I feel I must dedicate this one to my Poppy. His birthday is in a couple weeks and I am in a pickle on what I will get him. But I may have an idea… and it would go in his awesome, newly built Man Cave and may have something to do with vintage sleds! ;) 

Some of our readers are HUGE vintage fans. And I applaud and love the fact that there are still some people out there that can appreciate a good ole fashioned sled instead of a raging, hot speed machine straight off the market. The price of a mint 1970’s snowmobile could range from $1,500-$5,000 or more. I did some research today and found a very rare 1969 Moto Ski Cadet professionally restored for $5,000 or best offer. And not far from that price at $5,001 is actually a prized 1976 Polaris Starfire 2011 & 2012 Vintage National Race Champion being auctioned off. A 1972 Ski Doo TNT 292, one owner, excellent condition… bidding at $1,200. 

There are also groups on Facebook that are strictly vintage pages where you can buy and sell parts or sleds, discuss mechanical issues, talk amongst others who have the same interests and hobbies collecting them. A few good pages to hit up would be under groups “Vintage Snowmobiles For Sale or Wanted”, “Mohawk Valley Vintage Snowmobile Club”, “NYS Vintage Snowmobile”, “Vintage Arctic Cat Snowmobile”… There’s also! Check out any one of these pages for information, parts, forum feeds, and other vintage talk. 

And there are tons of events in our many areas of NYS that support these groups. Winona Forest Recreation Association is holding its first annual Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Show and Ride on Saturday, March 1, 2014. The show and ride will be held at the historic CCC Camp, Cty Rte 90 Lorraine, NY. The camp is about 6 miles east of State Rte 11, Mannsville. Registration and setup will start at 8 A.M. The judging will be held from 10 to 1, with a 6 to 8 mile ride through the groomed woodland trails of Winona State Forest, weather permitting. And there is also one Saturday in Chestertown, NY from 10am to 2pm (set up at 9am) there will be a Vintage Sled Show at Green Mansions Golf Club “The Mansions”. Bring your sleds to show, swap or sell. No entry fee but donations are appreciated and all monies raised will go to the WAIT House in Glens Falls to help homeless youths in Washington and Warren Counties. There’s also a great band playing from 8-11pm! Stop for a good cause… and show off your vintage! 

Next week is also SnoFest in Old Forge, NY if anyone needs details or forgot… head to It’s from March 7th-9th… and with free parking and admission how could you not want to go?! The Towns of Webb & Inlet will once again offer a special promotion for SnoFest 2014.  Beginning March 7, 2014, you can purchase your next season’s snowmobile trail permits (2014-2015) for the sale price of $65 and ride the rest of this season for free.  This promotion is only available if purchased in person. Be sure to stop in! 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

(A big THANK YOU to my friend Jason Cooper for the head’s up on the event in Chestertown which is for a GREAT cause and well worth your time, so please head up that neck of the woods for some family fun and vintage viewing! Visit to find more out about the cause and foundation. Providing stability to our homeless youth in need of support…)

Photo courtesy of Jason Cooper. 

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