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Photo Credit: Richard Martin

Snowmobiling with the Kiddos!!!

Today’s blog is brought to by the letter K… 

K stands for Kids!! And today I want to chat about riding with our kids, and getting them to get excited about the sport, or even wanting to get involved in the fun. 

We all know that it’s a great time to fly out of the house on a day where you know the trails are going to be rich in freshly fallen snow, and hopefully the groomers have gotten out to at least flatten and smooth out the bumps. However, most of the adults who do enjoy riding have a little issue to consider before going out to play. Most have kids, or a significant other who… 

a) Wants to go as well, but has no one to watch the kids.
b) Doesn’t want to go, but doesn’t want to be left alone to deal with a house full of energy-filled, obnoxious kids dying to get outside and play themselves. 
c) Would rather you used your time wisely and fixed that “thing” that has needed fixing for some time now. (Best of luck with this one.) 

For those in position a or b, I would recommend Grandma or Grandpa to babysit… orrrr… You could invest in a cute 120cc ride that could be a sweet way to get the kids interested in something you enjoy as well. Giving the kiddos a chance to bond with you about a similar interest can give both of you joy and relief from making a difficult choice. The kids or the sled? Haha…

While it may seem like more of a daunting task for some to teach the basics and safety rules to a child, it can be a really exciting activity and a way to get the family together for some thrilling weekend adventures during the winter season. 

If you’re worried about gas and spending more money, think of it this way… you’ll be spending less on babysitters  in the long run and you’ll be spending more time with those kids that look up to you. There will be weekends where it can be an adult  getaway, to throttle the sled and forget taking it easy! No worries… But for now, this is simply a blog to get the less informed more up to speed on these Kitty Cat’s or Ski-Doo Mini’s… If you’re looking to run on a Polaris 121cc, Polaris has a ‘girly-girl’ choice in pink with white flames as contrast to the little guys black with white flames color option. While Arctic Cat has a green or orange choice to match Dad’s! Ski-Doo is your basic neutral yellow. All of these sleds feature basic, air-cooled, 4stroke, single cylinder motors that will run for quite some time on a couple quarts of regular gas. (1) With that said… there are safety features to help moderate speeds so that Billy or Sally aren’t flying at mach speeds so you can’t catch them or keep up. There’s many tips and tools in your basic manual when purchasing a mini sled, but if you need some guidance and help check out, or call your nearest dealer. 

Once the kids get the hang of the basics, get them more excited about riding by getting them involved in racing other kids. There are plenty of area activities in our great state  that allow our children the opportunity to be just like Dad or Mom and win prizes and cool trophies! Teach them the value of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, but also enjoying the feel of control and pure excitement underneath them!

If you’d rather just take them with you, put them in front of you and listen to their laughter as you fly through the snow, hit a little jump, or just take a fun turn! It doesn’t have to be a crazy, speedy, long afternoon… but getting them interested and involved can open up possibilities and create bonds that you didn’t think could exist! 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that’s a braaaap!  


PHOTO COURTESY OF:  (Check 'em out!)

 If you can answer this question correctly, you will win two (2) children’s books written & illustrated by a local woman, Dayette J. Zampolin. These two books feature our winter season and one is about fairies and snowmobiles! How cool is that?! Great read for the older kids, and also a good parent to child bedtime book. :) 

Book 1: Sparkie Wyk 
Book 2: Snomoette and the Glitter Fairies
Written & Illustrated by Dayette J. Zampolin 

When was the first YOUTH snowmobile made & by which company?? 

Best of Luck!! Email with your answer!! :) 

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