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Photo Credit: Eric Sanford, Salmon Creek Snowmobile Club

Tis' The Season!

Photo for TisHi! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Bre and this is our newest feature on our website. Our Braaaapping Blog... Where I'll take a few minutes a couple times a week and just "brap" about anything snowmobile.

Today, I'm just going to give you a little insight on who I am and why I am blogging here. I haven't always loved the cold or the snow, but I've been on a sled since I was about 10. My father has always been a Cat guy, so in turn I became a Cat girl. He loves his vintage sleds and so do I. We would ride in our yard and across the road in a huge field for hours on end when I was a kid. As I got older and was able to leave their sight, I hit the trails and would be gone all day. I love the freedom and the feel of the air when I hit a couple mounds to get airtime. I also loved racing against my brother and neighbor friends. I was a very competitive rider... (still am)! If I lost, I'd make sure to hit the gas, ride by the winner, and shower them with an icy, cold snow blast. Now I find myself more of a weekend rider, somewhat more relaxed and less crazy on the machine.

Now, I work for Linda at Mohawk Valley GIS and am attempting to broaden the work she has done and create some great relationships. Because let's face it...we only have each other when it comes to our obsessions in this field. We have our longing for snow and our joy when we can take off on our sleds and just be free to ride! So enjoy the braaaapping and blogging!!

'Til my next blog... Think SNOW!!

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