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Photo Credit: Nicole Eisele

Thrills & Chills! Happy ❤ Day!

Did anyone see the Syracuse Basketball game against Pitt last night??? WOW!! 

If you didn’t get that chance, or you don’t watch sports… This game winning shot at the buzzer is definitely a must see no matter what! I still have the chills thinking about it. You can catch the thrilling action on YouTube as well as ESPN. Drop some category words such as… Tyler Ennis, Syracuse, Pitt, 3 point shot!! AMAZING! That is why I am a ‘Cuse fan!! 

Speaking of thrills and chills… An incredible amount of snow has been dumped on our southern states and neighbors. With most of them whining about the snow, and how they aren’t equipped to handle these types of situations… we’re whining because we didn’t get nearly enough! 

It’s definitely sad that our southern states don’t have much equipment to handle the snow that they have been blessed with. Here we sit and think about whether we have enough to go on, or whether the trails will be groomed, or if it’s the right kind of snow to ride on even. With the ice underneath it can be pretty risky to ride in parts with less snow. I myself know this all too well. Hitting an ice patch across a field, kind of throttle happy, and hitting a tree… certainly does not end well. I’ve had several chats over the week about trails in three different areas. Our friends in the southern part of the state, Otsego and Delaware, have definitely gotten a good pile on since last night to help with their riding fix. Even a friend from Washington D.C. has said 13” just overnight. While our riders from the North, Lewis and Hamilton are looking forward to a bit more snow, they still have enough to play with, but could certainly use what the south has gotten. Seeing as though I will be in Brantingham this weekend for their Winter Fest, I asked around that area as well as Tug Hill and they certainly aren’t complaining. Stop by the Coachlight Inn, Catspaw Country Market, or warm up at Trailside Restaurant & Bar Saturday! They WILL have the 3 pm Syracuse vs. NC game on for all to watch & cheer! Wear your Orange & Blue! Also Kovach Repair & Snowmobile Rental will donate 10¢ from every gallon of gas sold over the weekend to the BrantinghamSnomads, between February 14 - 16! And SLEDFREAK Store will have 10% off any purchase and a free sticker for any child under 12.

We get what we get from Mother Nature and that’s that. We can’t change it, we can’t undo it, and we certainly can’t hit a red Easy Button and have it magically appear or disappear. Like it or not, we have to deal with what we are dealt. The same goes in most life situations, relationships, and disasters. It is what it is… If you can utilize what you are given in a positive way, then you are most definitely a proactive person. If you decide to be pessimistic and negative, you’re someone who sees things as too difficult, straining, stressful and you are being reactive towards a situation. To my southern friends, be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems that are caused by a natural storm which is unpreventable. Get up, gear up, and go! Or sit down, stay in, and be still… Your choice! But be safe… 

Until next time…

… aaaand that’s a braaaap! 

If you are looking for something to do this weekend with your Valentine… Fall in LOVE with Brantingham Lake and fall in FUN with all the activities!! Here is Brantingham’s Winter Fest Weekend Schedule! See you there!

                           ❤❤❤❤❤HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ❤❤❤❤❤

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