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Monday's Can be a Real Drag… Race

Monday! Monday! Monday! Going once, going twice! 

Sold to no one because Mondays are a real drag! And I don't mean drag race… because those are exciting and people look forward to them.
Well, not all Mondays are a downer but for the most part no one looks forward to them unless you're waiting for a specific package to arrive, or you get paid on Monday, or if you have a hot date on a Monday night. But let's face it… none of that usually happens. Receiving a much anticipated package, yes. Getting paid… not usually. Today is no special day for me, other than it's one more day closer to the weekend. And since I was laid up all weekend passed, I am looking forward to a weekend filled with fun and excitement at the Winter Fest of Brantingham Lake. If I am able to anyway… healing the muscles has been tedious and boring. I'm not one for laying around all weekend and watching television. I would much rather be outside enjoying all of the freshly fallen snow and playing with my nieces, snowmobiling, hanging out with friends.
As I watched the races online at Salamanca Saturday, I realized that the Ilion Snowdrifters were also having their annual races this weekend. I phoned a friend who was there and asked how it was. Apparently, attendance was low, but the races went well and people seemed pleased with the outcome. Hopefully, the club made a profit to help out with costs and fees.
Back at the AMS Oil races, a NY native from Otego, Corin Todd of Leighton Motorsports won the Pro Lite Series after pushing through the qualifier in 10th position. His swift and consistent motions around the outside and holding strong between first and second with Andrew Carlson, got him to the top box gripping his 1st place win proudly. In the Pro Open class Tucker Hibbert pulled off yet another hot win over Kyle Pallin and Kody Kamm. The 28-lap premier Pro Open class was one amazing race to watch, even watching from home. There's nothing like being at the races with the snow falling and the chill of the air nipping at your face, but I still got the chills watching from inside my warm, cozy living room. I didn't see a huge attendance for the races in Salamanca as the cameraman swept through the crowds, but the many that were there seemed to be loving the action.
The low attendance must have something to do with the amount of snow we've gotten in the past several days/nights. Seeing all the posts, pics, and ravings of the trails in all parts of the state had me wishing I was out riding as well. Groomers have been out making sure the trails are in the best condition possible and giving the thumbs up for riders to enjoy their hard working efforts maintaining them. Also, the clubs put up signs for the rider's safety not just to make them look nice and legal. Come to a complete stop when coming to ANY roads, don't try to be a maniac and show off. And yield, when you see a bright yellow, yield sign! Stay on the trails, by sticking to the tracks and staying within the markers. Don't ruin it for others by swaying off the trail and into someone's field or back yard… That is how we lose privileges and pertinent trails. So give the clubs a break and enjoy, not destroy!
Until next time…
… aaand that's a braaaap!
Photos courtesy of Lissa Marsolek/ISOC
More info about the AMS Oil Races on

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