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Photo Credit: David Voltz, Columbia County Sno Drifters

Success Is Not Measured by Numbers...

Welcome back Monday! 

That dreaded feeling you have Sunday night when you realize you spent your entire day cleaning, doing dishes & laundry, paying bills, and preparing for the week ahead… and half of you feels like you accomplished something but then the other half wonders where your time off went. I stopped and looked at the clock around 6:45pm realizing that the Super Bowl started without me and I needed to get my mug of hot, green tea and sit down for at least the first half of the game. While most people enjoyed the trails or the slopes this weekend, I was enjoying Kleenex tissues and cold meds (sarcasm).  

I did, however, brave the elements which were't too awful at all… and was able to snap some pics and get some video of the Osceola Record Breaking Ride attempt in Tug Hill, NY. As I drove North the fields seemed to get a little bit whiter, and the piles of snow got higher on the shoulders of the roads. I love a good country drive on a weekend, no matter what season it is. The sunlight hit the snow just right in certain spots of the vast fields, sending diamond-like crystals sparkling across the crisp, untouched white plains causing me to want to jump on a sled and just throttle through them. Unfortunately, my direction had me going to the ride, where I was to just park my truck and get some snapshots while chatting it up with some riders on the trail conditions and their opinion of the event. 

In this case, the trail conditions reported were various from numerous riders. In some parts, coming from the west and south were very rough and seemed to get somewhat better by the time they reached the ride location. Snow is definitely on the wish list for most who had to ice tailbones and buttocks Sunday morning and even Saturday evening. But for the most part, the ride was seemingly successful although they didn't reach the goal of over 820 sleds. 

Sign ups started at 9 am, and by 10am there was only approximately 20-50 sleds in the area. By 11:30 it was still very grim on the numbers. By noon, right before they were to ride some stragglers rode in and attempted to register but were too late. The number that was reached by the close of registration was just over 500. As I started video on my phone, to record the mass of sleds starting up and hitting the throttles to ride in a direct line… most left the line and the group because there was no point in riding when the goal was not going to be accomplished. But the mass of over 500 snowmobiles in one place, at one time was still astonishing and incredible to see. With the right marketing and advertising next year, this event could really be successful and get the numbers necessary to break the record. As I watched them ride in from the trail after the ride, they looked like bees coming out of a hive… it was entirely a different experience and one I hope to be a part of for the record breaking event in the future. 

Before my balloon like head was floating and screaming at me to get out of the cold and into my warm truck to head home for a nap… I did manage to chat with some people about the event and its effect on the area. For most, it was a blessing to have that many people in the area to pump some hard earned money into the hard working businesses in the surrounding areas. The quaint, charming little bar/restaurant "The Cedar Pine" held more snowmobilers and travelers than it seems it should have. I maneuvered my way through the crowd, and ordered a $2.00 cup of White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino and had a conversation with a few people at the bar. And from the conversation, it would appear that the event didn't need to accomplish a record to make it a success. The success of the day was getting people out on the trails, riding and enjoying the sport. Bringing money into  the area, and helping businesses who truly need the traffic to survive the season. Leaving the bar I realized one important thing that has been coming up all too often lately… and that's the fact that life is too short, live it and enjoy the many possibilities and options that are out there. No matter what the outcome… just enjoy the moments and take them in. 

Until next time…

… aaaand that's a braaaap! 

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