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Photo Credit: Daniel Broak

Super Snow Commercials?

In preparation for this Sunday's big event… YES!! Super Bowl XLVIII… We've got a little question for you... 

When the Budweiser Clydesdale's commercial comes on the screen and the little puppies are playing in the yard, and the adorable little golden lab becomes the best of friends with one of the Clydesdales… the moment captures most hearts in many of us and we get a little emotional. It's slight, and it's impact is just right. I'm a Bud Light kind of girl so I'm already a fan of the beer and the company. This being said… I have not switched beers just because of the commercial. BUT… in the direction I am heading with this I was thinking about the snowmobile commercials, for any of the manufacturers and for any of the dealers out there trying to sell some sleds or merchandise. 

You don't see too many, but the ones you do see aren't commercials that will ultimately set your mind on switching to Polaris from Arctic Cat for example. I went on YouTube to look up some snowmobile commercials, and there are certainly some funny ones. There are commercials that make you laugh and ones that make you wish you had those very minutes back after watching. I watched a few classic commercials from the 70's, 80's and 90's… and I chuckled at the amount of various differences in each of the videos and how they try to catch your attention.

But just how do snowmobile manufacturers and dealers try to grab our attention to change our thoughts on specific models, or accessories, parts, etc? It's certainly not an emotional angle. I have a heart intended for Arctic Cat, so I clicked on a few of their commercials. Most were humorous and fun, and then there were others I clicked on for Polaris, Yamaha, and Skidoo. Most just offer new updated models or parts that they are looking to promote for the upcoming seasons. But there is no emotional angle, like that of the Budweiser Clydesdales. Maybe the way to get our attention would be to pull off some kind of emotional stunt, or maybe not. There was however, the angle that takes a man trying to impress a woman or actually the sled that impresses the woman. That is somewhat emotional, but not Clydesdale-pull the heart strings-cry emotional. 

In the snowmobilers world, is it about emotion? Or is it simply mechanical and model specific? Do we care about what the commercials show? Probably not… But then again why do the Super Bowl commercial slots cost so much money and why do we care about watching them? Mainly, because they're hysterical for the most part and we love seeing what new ideas they come up with. Like Doritos, Budweiser, GoDaddy, McDonald's, etc. It's not specifically about what the commercial is trying to sell, it's about what the commercial does to us emotionally. Whether it makes you tear up, laugh, or throw popcorn at the TV… it's really just a commercial and we don't exactly run out to the store to buy the goods they are selling immediately following. But… I would like to see more sleds and local dealers promoting their latest specials or deals. 

Well… Enjoy the game this weekend! And if you're out Saturday at the Osceola Snowmobile Association Guinness Record Ride in Tug Hill… I will see you there. Let's hope and pray for a great outcome, and that we meet and exceed the goal of over 900 snowmobilers! Hotels and motels in the area are booked solid and there are already posts raving about the weekend's festivities out there! 

Until next time…

… aaaand that's a braaaap! 

Check out this commercial on YouTube…

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