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Frigid Temps Affect Engines

Temperature definitely has an impact on how rich/lean your sled runs. 

Sleds run pretty good in 20 degree weather but when it's sub-zero out and there is less moisture in the air, it can cause the engine to run lean. A friend of mine owns a carb sled and blew a hole in a piston. Engines run a lot hotter when the ratio is lean. Frigid weather equals denser air which means you need more fuel, and if you don't readjust for this you will most definitely have mechanical issues.

Most sleds have a chart on the clutch belt cover, or in the owners manual that would indicate the proper jetting for your temperature (and altitude). Follow all procedures and regulations pertaining to your make and model before hitting the trails in extreme temperatures. 

"Sled carbs use fixed jetting which is why the jetting needs to be changed to correspond to particular conditions of the day. The key element is air density, which is a general indicator of how much oxygen is contained in a given volume of air. Colder air is more dense, generally speaking, and therefore, contains more oxygen. Changes in air temperature have a similar effect to changes in altitude. This means the engine needs more fuel to maintain a safe, or optimum air/fuel ratio and that means changing the fixed jetting in the carbs. Each main jet is good for a temperature range of about 10°C, or 25°F, so with a proper baseline jetting set up you can easily calculate the correct main jet needed for the conditions of the day." - Anonymous Forum Member

The temperatures are expected to stay above freezing for the next couple of weeks, so we shouldn't be too worried about it for the weekend's festivities. But it had come to my attention in discussions that the frigid temperatures we've been experiencing lately do, in fact have an impact on engines and sled mechanics. Certainly pay attention to the maintenance of your machines and you should be just fine! 

In regards to this past weekend… it was certainly COLD! But I still made it to the Snow-Blast 2014 Ride The Bumps to Get Rid of The Lumps Fundraising Event at the Brackel Bar & Grille in McDonough, NY. It was a great place, filled with great people, and all to benefit a great organization. The Pink Ribbon Riders received approximately $2,500 from the event and tons of riders won some great prizes! The groomers offered rides and there was an amazing chicken BBQ aroma permeating the area from inside the restaurant! Thank you all for allowing us to be a part of it. Hopefully we will see you next year! 

This weekend coming up, we have another event to attend. This event will be the Guinness Book of World Records Ride in Tug Hill hosted by the Osceola Snowmobile Association. There has been some side chatter about the negative effects this will have on the trails, but to  the many who have put forth such an effort to organize and host this event… that is not something that seems to be an issue as of late. The clubs and organizations that have stepped up to get this event going have made sure there will be rules and regulations to follow. Please, if you are attending this event this weekend, be aware of these rules and abide by them with all respect to the local clubs, establishments, residents, and other riders. Let's beat the old record, but let's all play safe and have fun! 

Until next time…

… aaand that's a braaaap! 

Osceola Snowmobile Association
World’s Largest Parade of Snowmobiles
Saturday, February 1st, 2014
Cedar Pines, Osceola NY
Registration 9am – 12pm
Ride starts @ 12:00pm

Giveaways’ start @ 10am
Over $1,000 in giveaways – Raffles every 10 minutes
Hot Dog Roast immediately following the parade.

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