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Local Events to Braaaap About...

It's been asked if we have a schedule of events that we could post…  

We do not have that on our page, but we do list some events on Facebook, and we do include events in our email blasts for our member clubs. We also have a link to the NY Snowmobiler website which has a listing of any events that have been reported to NYSSA.
This will show you an updated list of any races, rides, shows, festivals, etc. We certainly try to advertise events that we will be attending as well as those we are unable to. This weekend we will have a booth set up at the Snow-Blast Cancer Ride (Ride the Bumps to Get Rid of the Lumps) to benefit the Pink Ribbon Riders. If you have a free weekend to take a ride and enjoy the trails, head down to Brackel Bar & Grille in McDonough, NY this Saturday, January 25th and stop by the booth to say hello!
There will be dealer booths with demo rides, food concessions, a vintage sled show, groomer rides, and other vendors. Also a Decorate Your Sled to show your support to the organization, a Breast Cancer Awareness "Supporting Rider" Award, and raffles.
To give you a glimpse at the next couple of weekends, here is a list of events off from the NYSSA site, ( To see more events coming up in the next couple of months, check out the site page.

If you get a chance to attend one of these events, please do. These events, fundraisers, and benefits help along our local clubs, local people, and local businesses. Without these events, they wouldn't be able to support our awesome recreational sport the way that they do! Give back to get back… 

Snowmobile Safety Awareness Night
Armor Inn Saloon, Hamburg, NY

Ride for the Cure - Pleasant Riders
Oak Mountain Ski Center, Speculator, NY

01.25.2014 - 01.26.2014 
East Coast SnoCross - Triple Crown
Louiseville, Quebec, CN

Snow-Blast 2014 & Cancer Ride
Brackel Bar & Grille, McDonough, NY

02.01.2014 - 02.02.2014 
East Coast SnoCross
Lake George Winter Carnival, Lake George, NY

6th Annual Purple Ribbon Cancer Ride
The Boar's Nest, Fort Ann, NY

NYSSA Board of Directors Meeting
The Beeches Inn & Conference Center, Rome, NY

02.07.2014 - 02.09.2014 
Boonville Snow Festival
Boonville-Oneida Fairgrounds, Boonville, NY

02.07.2014 - 02.08.2014 
East Coast SnoCross - ECS/ISOC National
Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel, Salamanca, NY

Until next time...

... and that's a braaaap! 

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