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Trail Etiquette

It's come to my attention that there have been some riders on trails that may or may not be aware of "trail etiquette".

These are most likely riders that are not involved in a club, or have never been out. This is certainly an issue that should be addressed. There are few signs if any, on trails that give certain rules to abide by when riding the trails. If you are unaware or a little rusty on what to do while out, then please catch up by reading below. 

Most snowmobile clubs are run by volunteers, and are the main reason we have so many well groomed trails to ride. As a snowmobiler you have a responsibility to ride in a manner that is both legal and respectful towards your fellow riders, the landowners, our local clubs, and the environment.

Here are some to read over and remember on your trips this season.


-Keep to the right side of the trail.
-Operate in a safe and courteous manner.
-Give trail groomers the right of way.
-Reduce your speed when there is oncoming traffic.
-Give uphill riders right of way when you are traveling downhill.
-Slow down and give the right of way to any skiers, hikers, persons on snowshoes or   dogsleds you might encounter.
-Always report illegal operation out on the trails.
-Slow down when passing a parked snowmobile on the trail.


-Ignore the posted speed limits for an area, as well as all other trail signs.
-Pull over on a turn or curve. If you need to stop along a trail, pull over to the right    side of the trail and only do so on straight stretches.
-Leave your engine running if you need to stop for any length.
-Ride on private property without permission.

These are rules that I have pulled off from If you want more safety tips or to read up on the rules and regulations, visit Also, additional safety guidelines and snowmobiler ethics are available on the NYSSA website.

Enjoy the trails this week and weekend coming up… It looks as if we will have enough snow to take on some trails here in CNY after all! Ride safe! 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that's a braaaap! 

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