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Photo Credit: Tina Bartucca, Williamson Driftriders

Bruuu'uphill Battle Racing

The Snowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association Races at Val Bialas Sports Center, Saturday in Utica, went over pretty well. The weather was certainly frigid but clear. The slopes were groomed and ready for action around noon. Snowmobilers lined up behind the ropes and revved up for some friendly competitor rivalry. 

The day went well and according to quite a few of the racers, the course was mildly rigid, but well groomed for the races. They seemed in good spirit, in spite of not being able to feel their fingers or toes. Some racers came equipped with the appropriate gear for the temperature, while others were dressed as though it were 40 degrees warmer. There was a beer tent, vendors, and an indoor concession area to warm up the bones. 

Event coordinator Gary Simons said the races present a fun challenge for snowmobilers and also the chance to win anywhere from $50 to $300-plus in prizes. "It's more than just going out on a trail. It's getting your sled to run wide open up a hill, the thrill, the rush, and the opportunity to win some extra money every weekend." (1)

The Memorial Parkway ski hill was a great location for the races. The circuit has about 30 races every year and will return to Val Bialas on Feb. 22.

The race was a success in that it brought in approximately 400 spectators, in addition to the 125 registrants. The cost to get into the event was $15 per vehicle. I most definitely froze, but was able to capture a few pictures which I will have up on our Facebook page. (

Glad the event went well and most importantly, safely. Now… please be sure to dress appropriately when attending these events! If you want to enjoy the sport, you can't get ill. Therefore, bundle up! Temperatures are dropping rapidly after a slight spike but have no fear, winter is still here. And more snow is on the way!  

Until next time… 

… aaaand that's a braaaap! 

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