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Photo Credit: Robert Yamulla

Happy 2014… Hello Hercules!

Welcome to 2014! 

What a great weekend it's looking for riding! 

We start off the New Year with a snow storm and inches upon inches of snow for the mass of us to ride on!! It's looking up for us, with between 6-20 inches from the CNY area to the Northern parts of the Adirondacks. As you can see in the photo attached, we have approximately 2 feet of snow in Tug Hill, at our friends' the Northern Chateau. 

As the snow falls, most of us get the feeling of dread to drive to work or face the ultimate task of shoveling out vehicles and walkways… especially in the frigid temperatures we are facing today. At a measly 6°F, it feels more like -6° and we get frozen nostrils and eyeballs. But when we are faced with what to do after work, it's a no brainer. Get on the layers, get outside, start 'em up, and ride. Where to ride is always a tough decision. When attempting to make a decision, remember the factors that will ultimately make your decision easier. What trails will be groomed? What fine establishments will be open and have hot wings and cold beer (for the passengers of course!)? Who wants to go with you? What time, and where to meet up! These questions will have been answered quickly with just one mass text or group Facebook message. 

I was recently asked what places to go to when taking a trip to Old Forge. Considering we do the web map, GPS maps, and the phone apps… Most know to ask me what places are on our maps. My answer is always quite simple… download the FREE apps (Snowmobiling Oswego County & Snowmobiling Franklin County). Or download the statewide app Snowmobiling NYS. But for some who would like a taste of our great sponsors in the Old Forge area, here are several options to choose from. 

Big Moose Inn, Big Moose  
Daiker’s Inn, Old Forge  
Northwoods Inn Tap Room, Old Forge 
Red Dog Tavern, South Shore Road 
The Stillwater Hotel, Stillwater 
Drake's Inn, Inlet
Long Lake Diner & Owl's Head Pub, Long Lake
Adirondack Hotel, Long Lake
Hoss's Country Corner, Long Lake
The Tap Room, Raquette Lake
Winter Boat, Long Lake
Indian Lake Restaurant, Indian Lake
Marty's Chili Night, Indian Lake

I would have to say that Big Moose Inn is one of my personal favorites. A great place to stay, eat, and drink that has character and extremely welcoming owners. So if you're in the area, please stop there and tell the owners we sent you! 

Have a great weekend, enjoy this amazing amount of snow! Be safe and ride on! 

Until next time… 

… aaaand that's a braaaap!  

If you'd like to check out some more live webcams all over the state, visit 

We have a handful of these webcams included in our interactive map, right at their actual locations. We’ll continue to add more cams as time allows.

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