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Happy Holidays & Welcome Back to Breezy’s Braaaping Blog!!

Photo for Happy Holidays & Welcome Back to Breezy’s Braaaping Blog!!
Happy Holidays & Welcome Back to Breezy’s Braaaping Blog!! 

I’m truly ecstatic to be back in the blogging mode for our hopeful, snow-covered, sensational snowmobiling season! 

The warmth of the Spring, Summer, & Fall has come to an end for our beautiful state of NY. And we now face the wintery winds, the blistering cold days and the silent snowy nights. What’s more appealing to a snowmobiling enthusiast than all of that? Probably a brand new snowmobile… or one with the capabilities of creating a warm bubble around the machine and rider whilst plowing through the fresh snow and drifts. Eh… cold schmold, we all live to ride through it and love to play in it! 

With the season’s spectacular entrance for our neighbors to the west... the vast amounts of snow covered the grounds, roads, cars, houses… anything in its path! Leaving most stranded or completely house stricken! But those with a snowmobile quickly came to aid and were out and about helping others and putting the sleds to good use. The storm passed through with such power, even some parts were of no match for the sleds. But those who could help, proved our caring strength from one snowmobiler to the next. What a relief that the storm ended and those communities were able to be freed from the grips of snow monstrosity!
With that said there are likely to be more storms this season. Some not as great as the last, but some of equal strength leaving those less fortunate to fend for themselves. Seeing what the westerly winds can do to people and businesses, remember that you have the power to help those who need it most. Know your surroundings, neighbors, family and friends so that you too can do as they did in Cheektowaga (see link below) in case the storm passes through your neck of the woods. If you own a snowmobile, you own an emergency vehicle that could possibly save a life. Most who went out during the latest storm, gave rides to the store for food or even to local hospitals for emergency situations. Just be aware of who is around you that may need possible attention in the event that your area is hit with such large amounts of snow. 

Obviously, trails are hard to find after a large storm passes through. But every other day we don’t have a storm, make sure to stay on designated trails so that we don’t lose privies in areas we love to ride. We have so many trails that are kept up daily by our great leaders of each snowmobile club. The volunteered time and efforts of each of those people are the exact reason we get to enjoy so many miles of trails each year, time and time again. To ride the sweet, smooth, snow covered paths on a gorgeous day where the sun beats down on the white-tipped branches and the diamond-like fields of bliss… that is pure euphoria for all sled heads! The feeling of a cool drift rushing over you as you drive through the freshly fallen snow, almost in slow motion as you take in all that is wrapped up in that moment… ecstasy!
Soooo welcome back readers and riders! Have a safe and enjoyable season out there… 

Until the next… 

… aaand that’s a braaaap!! 

Photo Credit:
Cheektowaga Dispatches Snowmobiles

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