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Summer Water Safety... Be Aware & Stay Healthy!

Water can be a real savior on these hot days... but as the temperature and climate changes so does the water. 

With the ever so changing days of New York's seasons... we are pampered with bright, beautiful sunny days or we're plagued with the bi-polar days of sunny to cloudy to rainy to chilly. In a matter of seconds it could very well pour and then be completely gorgeous. We get the best and worst of summer all in one day. 

But as the weather changes, so does our water. Swimming is an absolute summer necessity. On those hot sticky days, the sun beats down and cooks our bodies to temperatures that make us feel slow, tired, and down right HOT. We look to those swimming holes, pools, lakes, rivers, and water parks to cool our jets and give us some relief of the heat. But when Mother Nature and viruses or microorganisms lurk around and contaminate the water, we must be aware to assure that we stay safe. 

Water Safety is a topic that must be spoken and shared. Besides the standard water safety of making sure you know where your kids are, or how deep the water is, or where you're thinking of swimming and what's around you... there is the risk of coming into contact with an RWI, a Recreational Water Illness. These can be brought on by swallowing or just coming to contact with contaminated water in any of the above mentioned summer hot spots. These illnesses can occur in or out of the water. Microorganisms can be found on towels laying on the ground, or lounge chairs, tables, and can get on water toys. They find their way onto our bodies and onto our belongings and can make us extremely ill, and in some cases can be fatal. 

To prevent from getting ill this summer because of a yucky RWI, remember these tips... 
First and foremost... do not enter a body of water shared by others if you are sick, have diarrhea, or any other spreadable illness. Don't swallow or inhale water. Do NOT consider the body of water you are in, a bathroom! If you have children in diapers, please make sure to check them often. When changing diapers, do so on a towel away from the body of water. And most importantly, GOOD HYGIENE is key to keeping any sort of illness away from yourself and others. Washing hands, showering, and using soap to do so... will help aid in the effort to keep those you love and those around you from getting sick. 
Not only can people infest waters with contamination, but animals as well. Keep your pets from going number 1 or number 2 in any body of water. Trash and sewage can be a real bummer in our summer! It's never a good thing to see someone's trash floating next to you and your inner tube down the river. And if you see something... and have a bag to pick it up and dispose of it properly, then do so. Not being proactive is a real threat to our land and future. It urks the heck out of me when people leave their trash behind or when you see people just passing by and not doing anything about it. 

Mother Nature can also be a culprit in the RWI cause. Don't go swimming after a hard, heavy rain. Rain can cause waterways to overflow and contaminate each other. Look for color in the water, if it's murky and/or the algae is a bit funky STAY OUT!

Bringing a picnic basket to the beach is always fun, nice, and a favorite summer treat. But... don't eat or drink anything that may have come into contact with the water or surroundings near the water. Wash your hands after being in the water, and prior to eating. Obviously, bring a blanket to lay it on as well as plates and cups. And take your garbage and leftovers with you!!

Respect is a huge issue in this world today. If we don't respect the land in which we live on, then it will only get worse. 

Enjoy the waters... just be safe and stay healthy!! :) 


Be back soon!

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