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Sunbathing or Snowbathing??

Well it's Monday... not particularly a great day but not necessarily a bad day.

As the wind whips wildly outside my window, I see gusts of snow blowing from one direction and then swirling into another. The weather reports gusts at 22-34 MPH but it looks and feels like 40-45 MPH. If you're riding today, watch out for white-outs and take it easy riding across open fields. It may seem like a mild wind, but when you're riding against it at 40-50 mph you'll definitely feel it.

As the temperature is supposed to change back to frigid and snow is expected to accumulate once again in certain areas, we get more chances to head out and enjoy our machines and throttle through the last of the snowstorms. I have a
confession to make though to all those who don't know me... I have mostly been a summer gal my entire life. I typically enjoy sticking my barefeet in sand, swimming in warm-cool waters, taking hiking trips and walking up creeks to see what kind of oddities I can find. I enjoy riding... but on two or four wheels during our warmer seasons. I love going muddin' and being outdoors. I have a black, shiny, awesome 2005 Jeep Wrangler X that loves cruising with the top down and me... well I love the vitamin C with some warm breezes blowing my hair in all directions! I don't care if it gets messed up tangly... the feeling of being out and cruising the back roads cranking some good tunes and just soaking up life makes me giddy with excitement. But... I just opened my eyes and realized Goose (my Jeep) is still hibernating. And the snow is still swirling in the windy gusts and the temperature of that wind is less than 20°. There's a completely different kind of feeling with this weather.

I have some winter peeves that get me all the time... like socks getting wet, cold feet. Snow going down the back of my neck and back when it gets passed the collar of my jacket. Cold ears... I tend to fold them and it's really odd, pretty weird I know. I dislike the feeling or lack there of when it comes to my extremities... BUT who does?? The cold, bitterness, dry skin. chapped lips... it's all a part of this season we must become accustom to and either enjoy or complain about. If you don't like it... move. It's really simple. (Well for some. For others... I guess complaining and hibernating is something you'll have to deal with.) But living in this part of the world, somewhere inbetween +43.Lat & -75.Long, I'd rather have these crazy 4 seasons than only 2 or 1... Gotta love each for everything they give us and provide us with. Mother Nature allows us to utilize each season with care and respect every year... and I wouldn't change it or have it any other way.
I could be sitting on a beach with a cool, tropical, yummy drink in hand and getting some sun... sticking my toes in the hot sand and listening to the lapping of waves and sounds of seagulls circling above...

But SNAP!! I'm in Central New York working on a Monday afternoon, staring out a window wishing I was riding those white waves and catching some cool air by hitting some nature made drifts with a 1.25" Ripsaw™ Track... and hearing the sound of a turbocharged 1056cc 4-stroke engine... prrrrr! Braaaaaaaaap!! (HEY! It's my dream... leave me alone! LOL)

So I guess today's blog is simply one that gives me the opportunity to unfold my personality a little bit but to also remind everyone that we get what we get and to simply take it or leave it. You don't have to sit around and mope, complain, or be
unsocial and hibernate during these chilly, white, sometimes harsh months. Find something fun to do in it, whether it be outside or inside. Don't wish the season away... just live it! Learn to love it! If you can't... you're living in the wrong place! Now quityerbellyachin'... Go have some winter fun... Enjoy it while it lasts. We'll have warmer weather sooner than you know. And we'll have grass drags, asphalt strips, or even snowmobile skipping across water. 

Until next time...

... aaaand that's a braaaap!

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