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Let it Snow!!

After our winter storm this past week, I've seen so many awesome posts from riders out on the trails enjoying the time and fresh snow. 

There are no words to describe my unhappiness right now while I am laid up in bed because of a couple pulled tendons in my chest. Snow blowing the driveway seemed like the thing to do during a quiet lull in the storm. But unfortunately for me, it was not good timing. 

But what is good timing is the amount of snow we have gotten throughout the state. Being that this weekend, NYS is hosting the AMS Oil Championship SnoCross Races in Salamanca at the Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel. The races began this morning and from the looks of it, they are having a blast in the snow. The online live feed is awesome to watch while sitting at home. I'll take what I can get. The track looks amazing, and so far the riders that have been interviewed have had good, positive comments on it. Tucker just won his qualifying heat, so I'm happy! But now I have to wait to actually meet the 7 peat winner, at another race. If you're looking to watch tonight or tomorrow the live feed is at Great coverage.

There have been so many other pictures and posts on Facebook of people riding and enjoying the dumping we have gotten over the past couple of days. When it's fresh and the trails are groomed… riding is at its best. I'm certainly not going to be laid up forever, but hopefully by the time I am able to I'll be out enjoying it myself. Until then keep posting the pics, enjoy the trails, and be safe! 

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