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There are many opinions on our state's Governor Cuomo and his opinions on our state's matters. 

On December 30th at Ridge View Inn in Lowville, the Governor’s press conference was held with some of NYSSA's staff and Governor Cuomo's staff on the impact and benefits of snowmobiling and other winter activities on our State. We as a people, community, and active snowmobilers know just how the sport impacts our great state. 

In a statement in the latest publication of NYSSA's NY Snowmobiler Magazine, there was a sentence that caught my attention, "Most snowmobilers are community minded and understand politics and know the difference between reality and a promise." Now, there is a real opportunity if the promises made, do in fact, become reality. We know our politicians can bring up many different subjects and promise umpteen opportunities for economic growth, and create campaigns that end in despair and empty promises. At this moment, I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic about the outcome of this event. I respect that he was bold enough to approach the matter, and brave enough to come out this way to listen to our concerns and suggestions. 

"(Cuomo) announced a $4.5 million advertising campaign for winter recreation in New York State. The campaign will be targeting not only the populous Downstate area, but neighboring states and Canada. The fact that New York is home to more than 10,000 miles of snowmobile trails is featured prominently in the campaign." (1)

“New York really does have one of the best snowmobiling trail systems in the United States of America,” Cuomo said during the conference. “If people see what we have in this state, they will come. I believe it. It's just a function of exposure.” (1)

I do love the ad campaign's "I Snowmobile NY", which mirrors our state's "I♥NY" slogan and logo. The ads that appear in the magazine's article, are on page 4 if you have time to check out the publication and article. 

Also, appearing in this month's magazine… We are proud to say that our very own Linda Rockwood was a part of a unique opportunity to present our business at the Empire State Plaza in Albany to coexist with the Governor's State of the State address. There were several displays set up to help bring hundreds of people in to learn more about our state's snowmobiling opportunities and to answer questions about the recreational sport that we so love and enjoy. Along with our display… NYSSA, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation were among those in attendance at the booth. There was also a 2014 INDY 550 on display, and will continue to be in the Plaza for the remaining month of January. 

For those articles, and many more important snowmobile related news topics… I invite you to visit the NYSSA website and either request your very own subscription or view the online publications at

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