Photo Credit: Teri Perretta, Dairyland Snowmobile Club

Thank You For All Your Support!

Apologies to all of our loyal customers and sponsors. We are no longer able to support the website, maps, and apps.


A message from MVGIS Owner, November 2017

It has been an incredible 8 years, creating and running this project. Thank you to all who believed in me that first year. Thank you to all the early paying customers who kept this alive. Thank you to my current and past staff, for all your ideas and hard work. I'm exhausted just thinking about this. Thank you to NYSSA, the clubs, the riders, the sponsors and dare I say, Mother Nature.

If I have not responded to a prior email of yours, I am only working 5-10 hours max a week, mostly from home. I will recover from this health challenge, but it will take many months. Because of that, I will make no final decisions on my personal future or the future of the NYSnowmobileWebmap project until next Spring 2018 (MVGIS will close its doors at the end of December 2017). Let's all see what kind of winter we have this year first, and let me completely recover as well. Thanks.

To a safe and snowy winter for us all,